1 Wait... I'm a Waifu?!

"Come on... Come on...!" The young man mutters nervously biting the tip of his nail. His eyes focused on the device on his hands as he watch a crate descended and opened with a bright light.

His fingers slowly tapping on the screen hoping for the character he wanted. "Mats... Shard... More Mats... Exps..." As he tapped away -his hope slowly dying each time- a purple valkryie card appeared.

"Yes... Come on..."

The card popped and revealed the waifu he wanted. The card showed a beautiful woman with white long hair and light blue eyes, holding a great sword. The young boy couldn't hold his excitement and joy as he hopped from his chair and shouted, "I FINALLY GOT FLAMESCION!!! FUCK YEAH!!!"

Unfortunately for him, he wasn't alone in the house. "KYLE?! WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT SHOUTING AGAIN?!"

"Eek! Sorry ma! Got too excited!"

Kyle could hear footsteps coming towards his room before the door opened revealing his mom in her full glory. Her eyes darted from him to his phone and back to him before sighing tiredly, "You and that game of yours. You're already 18 young man! You should be thinking about your future!"

Hearing the same annoying phrase by his mother made him annoyed as he sighed, "Mom... I just turned 18. I still have some time to think about where to go for college! Just a few days of playing and having won't make me some beggar on the street."

"Yeah! Just a few days! Then that few days would turn to a few months! Then when you finally try to find a college, you'll be stressed by all the choices and would take more time to choose and that is not talking about tuition and more! This things needs to be planned early, Kyle!"

I wanted to retort but I knew she was right and keeping this argument going would lead to more time wasted.

Seeing her son silent and defeated made her sigh, "I know these things are stressful and annoying, I know how it felt like. That's why I'm telling you to not do what I had done. Okay?"

Kyle merely nodded in silent as his mother left the room. He looked towards his phone with Flamescion posing in the screen. He fell onto his bed and sighed, "Why is my life like this..."

Kyle mindlessly tapped on Flamescion letting a barrage of voice lines sound the silent room, "I'm hungry... I wonder if there's anything to eat in the fridge...", "We may not be able to choose our destiny, but we can choose what kind of person we become", "There's not much to do in the morning... I should go back to sleep."

"Haaa... I really wish you were real Kiana... What would you do in my situation..." He said with a sad smile. Remembering all the hardships she faced, choosing a college and a major is probably easier...

"Cheer up. You can handle whatever the new week throws at you." She said with a smile.

A soft smile finally creeped on his sad face and with a bit of motivation he said, "Alright! Let's try to doing that! Maybe the clear weather could cheer me up a bit."

Downing his moderate light clothes and a pair of bluetooth earphones, he left though the door humming the opening song of Cooking with Valkryies. Letting the warmness of the sun soak his skin he took a deep breath and said, "This will be the start of my good day. Nothing could possibly fuck this up!"

Pocketing his phone, he walked out the gate and went to cross the zebra cross not hearing the panicked shouting of the bystanders and the fast moving truck coming his way. But luckily for him the truck barely passed him and crashed onto electric pole.

He was scared shitless as he stare at the truck that crash the pole and thanked whatever god, goddess, or waifu that saved him. "Holy shit... I guess this might be a good day after a-" Then a speeding tire that broke off from the truck hit his head and everything went black.

Tuna Tuna Tuna~!


Total silence filled the room as he sat on the floor of what seems like a reception office of some kind of afterlife. It was all too fast for him to process. All he could think about was how betrayed he felt after thanking the god/goddess/waifu that saved him from the truck but not its wheel.

The feeling of betrayal left as it came as more important realization made way through his mind. The realization of death. The realization of never seeing his loved ones again. The realization of never getting to play Flamescion after getting her.

But all those depressing emotions receded as a green aura enveloped his body. He felt his need to breakdown disappear as the feeling of calm and reassurance came like a flood, drowning all the negative emotions he was feeling.

"If you're finally done breaking down internally in my office, we could finally start our session." He looked up to the direction of the voice behind the desk and finally realized that there is a person in the room.

A tall woman with black hair and dark blue eyes wearing a business attire that he used to see in animes. She looked a bit annoyed and impatient but mostly pity could be seen in her eyes. "Come and sit here, Mr. Kyle"

He nodded and sat on the chair opposite to her and asked, "So... Did you cover me with that green aura...? I... have so many questions..."

"Yes, but let's start with the basics. My name is Shizuka and I am a one of the higher beings that has dominion over your universe and others. Recently there was a fight between one of our workers resulting a lot of damages including the Fate Lines."

"So... I died an early death? Are you like those ROBs in those fanfictions I read?"

Mentioning ROB was apparently a sore topic for her as annoyance was made clear on her face, "No. Definitely not like those unprofessional idiots. The ones who caused the damage in the first place was because of them arguing over who is best girl."

"O-Oh..." 'I am very conflicted by the cause of my death...' If he was in an anime he would have fallen comedically.

"Sometimes I even wonder how they get their powers... But we're getting side tracked here, for your first question. Yes. You were suppose to grow up into a lawyer that would help with murder cases and have a wonderful wife with three children."

Kyle's jaw dropped at her words. 'Me? Children? Lawyer?! I was going to be a lawyer?! How?!'

Before he could contemplate on his supposedly future, she continued, "Now however, your fate line had merged with a very important person's fate and freeing the now your merged fate from the grasp of Fate herself."

His jaw dropped even more.

"But in the process of merging fates, you have changed more than a few billion fates and more than five important fates that was destined to help the original person to save the world. So in layman's term, you merging with her -forgive my choice of words- might have fucked most parts of her world..."

"I... Can't you just fix everything?" Knowing that he had just screwed over billions and the world his merged partner was living made him guilty a bit. Keyword being 'a bit' because those ROBs are the one who caused all this.

A deadpan stare was what he received before she sighed, "No. Because your circumstances are special..."


"When a bigger fate gets merged with a smaller unimportant fate, the smaller fate should have been subsumed by the bigger fate and giving her a small boost from fate as a result. But you-"

"Merged with the bigger important fate and subsumed her?"

"Not really. Yours and Hers fates had reached some kind of consensus and decided to become one. But I would appreciate if you do not cut me off while I am explaining."

"Ah... Sorry..."

Shizuka sighed but continued either way, "It's fine, it's just annoying to fix other's mess sometimes. Anyways, now that you know the basics of your predicament. I am now giving you a choice."

'...Dejavu?' Kyle thought as the feeling of stress slowly rise but was drowned by the endless tide of calm and reassurance.

Seeing the green glow covering him once again, Shizuka sighed, "It's alright, Kyle. Though the choices will be very important, it won't be as clouded as the ones you try to choose back home."

Kyle merely nodded as she explained his choices. "First, you and your merged partner could live in another world because of her now crumbling world. Second, you could go out of your way to save her world though I recommend not because even with her power and potential, it's a hard and dark path for someone like you."

"Who am I even merging with? From what you said, she is an important person that had influence over the fate of billions and was going to saved the world before merging with me-"

"You'll see soon enough it's part of the... procedure... Anyways, third go with the flow."

"Huh? Why was the third option very..."

"Weird? Unprofessional? I do not know. People who loves gambling or like leaving it to the hands of fate -even if you have already escaped from her grasp- choose this because there are just too many options for them and wanted a simpler option."

"Huh... What happens if I were to choose the first option?"

A bright smile appear on her face and after giving him an approved nod she took out a big book and what seems to be ten pieces of paper. "This book tells you every world there is in this omniverse and a few local ones in a simplified manner and this papers are what you need to sign and write to let us know where should we sent you. I advise you to be specific on where you want to go."

"Uhh..." Looking at the big book and the papers filled with words made him nervous and really want to change to the third option and roll some kind of dice but her smile is deadly adorable... This must be some kind of skill...

"Why the signatures...? And why is it different from what I read?"

"Oh, well these papers here are Omni contracts. They are what we 'professional' higher beings made to make sure the ones we try to help -or not- won't screw us over for a bad hand. And from your second question, I'm assuming why the whole paper and book right?"

"Yeah... It just seem overly complicated..."

Shizuka sighed, "Well of course it is. It always has been. The difference is when those 'ROBs' do it, they secretly made you sign the contract and erase your memories of such procedure. Then they would pick worlds or powers from their memories and put it on a wheel because it's fun. I'm a bit more honest than them."

"B-But the wishes?"

She raised an eyebrow contemplating over what to do before a sly grin made it's way on her face, "Well... Since it's their fault in the first place... I'll put it in their tabs! You got two wishes kid. Try to keep the wishes mild and not overbearing like wishing to be omnipotent like us."

'Put in their tabs...?' Kyle thought at the implication and asked, "If you put it on their tabs does that mean I was originally not going to have wishes?"

"Have done anything noteworthy? Any evil gods slain? Saving the world? "

"I... Uh... No...?"

"Then my answer is No. You weren't going to have any wishes. The only reason those ROB's give wishes to random people are for entertainment."

"Ah... I see... Can I pick the world first before using my wishes?"

Shizuka shrugged, "That's alright. Let's start with the usual and read through the big book of worlds before we start-"

"Um... I already had something in mind..."

"Eh? You don't want to read the book?"

With a wry smile, he shrugged, "Sorry, I'm not good with big books... and I had something in mind if anything like this were to ever happen."

"Huh... Never thought it would be like this... but sure. Just sign these papers here and this write the world you picked in the world section. If you would like to customize some things in the world you could write it down that section."

With a nod, Kyle took the pen and sign the contracts before writing down his world.

World : Fate Stay Night; Danmachi

Customizations : Fifth Holy Grail War starts 3 months after my arrival; Gaia and Alaya won't try to kill me or screw me over; Sakura's pain is lessened; Illya could live a few decades more than the canon; The Throne of Heroes has beings from other franchises; Caren Horentesia exists; Danmachi exists in the reverse side of the world; Gods and Goddesses from Danmachi are mixed with Nasuverse's; Monster's from the Reverse Side appears in the lower levels of the dungeon depending on it's level of power.

"Hmm... Interesting customizations for your world. But I'm quite surprise you didn't gender bend anyone or place in characters from your favorite game."

Kyle blushed a bit and answered, "W-Well... I thought of gender bending Shirou... But decided against it because it feels weird y'know. He is one of those characters I like and changing his gender seem wrong to me..."

"Well if that makes you feel weird, I wonder what will your reaction will be after merging with her..." She muttered quietly.

"Hm? What was that?"

"Oh nothing. Now that you have chosen your world, it is time to make use of your wishes."

Hearing it was time to use his wishes excitement filled his mind as many choices come and go. It was quite hard to choose but he wanted to have something that could help him learn magic, "For my first wish, I wish to be able to learn anything really quickly."

"That's... Quite ordinary... Why not instant mastery or something among those lines?"

"Well how boring would that be? I can see the merit with instantly mastering any ability but where's the fun in that? Sure it would be boring to go on a training montage but when your done with it the sense of accomplishments feels good. You can feel pride on doing at least something to gain your skill."

Shizuku merely shrug, "Well some people could disagree with that way of thinking but it's a good wish nonetheless."

"Hehe... Thanks, I guess... And for my second wish... I wish for my family and people my merged partner considered as family to live the best lives they can. Since, I felt a bit bad that me merging with my partner ruined her world. I hope with this wish they could save their world from destroying."

"Hm? How would you know if your partner's family could save the world?"

"I don't... You could say it's a hunch and this wish feels... right."

Shizuku looked as if she was contemplating something in her head before giving him a smile, "Yes, this could be done. That is a good wish to make. If they do save the world, you'll get a wish for your next life."

"Hehe... Thanks, so... When will I be going?"

Shizuku looked through the pages and contracts one more time before they disappear with a flash of light. "You should be going in a couple moments from now. I wish you luck and do your best to live a good life."

With a bright smile, Kyle nodded and disappeared from her office.

Shizuku relaxed her body as she stretched her tired arms, "Mmmh! Finally this finishes up my work for the week. I hope he have a great life ahead of him. Now to rest-"








With a lot of explosion coming from the background, Shizuku sighed in annoyance before a calming green shroud cover her body, "Resting my ass... Guess I need to fix this... YOU ASSHOLES BETTER NOT CAUSE ANYMORE TO THE FATE LINES!!!"

Tuna Tuna Tuna~!

While Shizuku is preventing another fight between those two, Kyle was screaming in pain as he felt himself being squashed and blended together with his partner. Memories and experience between two lives that are not similar in the slightest made the process harder but after an hour of 'mild pain' it was finally done.

In an alleyway near a school, a purple portal appeared and spitted out a young woman with long white hair and wearing a white jacket on top of a tight battle suit. She stayed unconscious for a few minutes before rousing awake.

"Ugh... How hard did that bomb hit me..." She muttered as she helped herself up. She felt a huge headache but after everything she went through, this is manageable. She slowly walked towards the nearest light post and saw it was dark.

"God... Is this a dream...?" She looked around her surroundings only to not recognize anything. "Tch... I need to go back home before mom gets-" That was when it slowly dawned on him.

"Oh... Holy sh-ship! Did that actually happened?! That was not a dream?!" Now that she is fully awake, she tried to remember what happened and what came was two different sets of memories. A young man who died given another chance in life and merging and a young woman saving a city from a honkai bomb that was about to blow up the city.

Her eyes went wide opened as she processed both memories and quickly inspected her body. "I have breasts... white hair... and definitely a girl's hands. Looking back up she saw a glass that showed a vague reflection of her body.

Her jaw dropped as she mutters, "I'm Kyle... but I'm also Kiana Kaslana!"

"Does that mean... I'm a Waifu?!"

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