7 Meeting with Grandpa

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-Fujimura Residence-

Sitting beside Taiga, Kiana took a sip of her tea as her eyes narrowed at the old man in suspicion. She didn't know why but when she was walking down the hallway with Taiga to the room, there were some staring at her with worry in their eyes.

She didn't know why but she has a feeling that something like this happened because of her and because of that she felt a bit nervous.

'Was it because Taiga told her I'm Kiritsugu's niece? Then if so... Did they already know Kiritsugu doesn't have one in the first place?! No, I don't think Kiritsugu would be the type of man to talk about his family after all the things that happened... He even kept it a secret from Shirou.'

Her thoughts were quickly interrupted by Taiga who slammed her hands on the table as she asked with a worried look on her face, "Grandpa! How bad is it?! I've never seen the boys this serious since I was a kid! Is there another group trying to take over again!?"

Kiana turned to Taiga in shock as she thought, 'Take over?! That actually happened in the past?! What the hell has happened with this group before Fate/Zero!?'

But to hers and Taiga's worries, the old man shook his head and gave a comforting answer, "It's alright, Taiga. It isn't that bad. There are just a few important things we needed to make sure for a few days... They'll be back to their normal selves once we're done with it."

Taiga looked at the old man in suspicion before sighing and sitting back down, "That's good... I don't want to be quarantined in the house all day for a month or two... That was very boring..."

Raiga smiled and turned towards Kiana and said with a smile, "So you must be Kiana... I've been told that you are Kiritsugu's niece... Is that right?"

Kiana nodded and answered, "Yes, that is correct."

The old man kept his eyes on her before nodding, "I see... It seems the white hair comes from his wife's family genes. It's nice to meet someone from Shirou's family after these ten years... How did you meet with the boy?"

Kiana had a soft smile as she recalled her meeting with him, "Well... When I came here, I tried to find Kiritsugu for help... Something happened in the past and I thought, I could ask uncle for help. But when I arrived I lost my wallet and phone... Leaving me alone in the streets."

The old man nodded as she continued, "I was a bit hungry at the time, so I sped up my search to find him but it turns out to be useless as I got no clue of his location. It had been an hour since then, so I was very hungry. I tried to find some food and met Shirou on his way back from school. He was very kind and gave me food and shelter when it rained... Even before he even know my name."

The old man smiled as he commented, "Yes... That is how the boy works. His kindness and stubborn attitude makes him someone that will help anyone in need..."

Kiana nodded and continued, "It was when we introduce ourselves that I knew his name was Shirou Emiya. In shock, I asked where is my uncle but he told me Kiritsugu was already dead when he was young... I was very shock and sad at the news but the most important part was that I couldn't ask Kiritsugu for help... I didn't want to ask the boy I never knew to help but he insisted and gave me a place to stay."

Taiga solemnly nodded with a sad frown but the old man however, did not even gave a single hint of emotion in his face. She started to wonder if the story she and Shirou made wasn't good enough to make the old man believe her.

"How interesting... So, what was the problem you had, that you needed Kiritsugu's help?" He asked as Taiga looked at him with surprise and whispered to him, "Grandpa... Isn't that a bit insensitive? We can't just ask her about that... It must be some kind of family problem."

The old man shook his head and gave Taiga a smile, "Why would that be insensitive? I was just asking what was the problem so we could help her in Kiritsugu's stead. I'm sure he would be fine with us helping her out no?"

'God... My problem... Me and Shirou haven't really gone very deep to this... We just said that something very bad has happened in the past to Taiga... What am I suppose to say?! If I didn't say anything would it look suspicious?' She thought as she felt a bit nervous about the whole thing.

Taiga looked at her with a worried face but Kiana smiled and comforted her, "It's fine, Taiga... It's not really bad... But there might not be any way for your grandpa to help with the problem because it happened in another country."

The old man raised an eyebrow and looked at her with interest as she continued. "My problem was something that happened a few months back... We were still in our homeland Germany when accident struck causing the death of my mother."

Kiana acted sad and frowned as she continued, "While me and my father was grieving over her death. The Einzbern family was very angry at father for the accident, saying that it was his fault that she died."

"That's horrible! How could they be so-" Taiga shouted in anger butwas interrupted by Raiga who signaled her to be quiet, "Taiga. Let's not interrupt the girl. Keep your questions at the end." Taiga merely frowned at her grandfather as sat back down and looked at Kiana with pity.

Kiana smiled at her concern and continued, "It was just a few days ago, that they decided to do something drastic that even my dad didn't have any other option but to force me to find my uncle for help. It was sad to separate with my father but I knew it was getting bad as the days passed. So I went to the airport and went to arrived in Fuyuki. I had been trying to find to find Kiritsugu since."

"Kiana... That's..." Taiga looked as if she was going to cry as she went and gave her a hug. Kiana merely smiled as she gave her a hug as well.

Raiga merely frowned and waited for the two to stop hugging as he gave the man behind him a nod. Kiana was confused but didn't have a chance to question it as the old man looked at Taiga and said, "Ah! Taiga. Can you please help Kyota take some bread from the kitchen? I'm sure after all these... sad revelations, a nice bite of soft bread would cheer the mood a bit."

Taiga's head turned to Raiga in surprise as she looked at Kyota who was apparently the big man behind him in excitement, "Oh! Is it the strawberry one?! Sure! Let's go Kyota!"

With that the two left the room, leaving her and the old man alone. The room's atmosphere became tensed as the old man looked at her with a cold look in his eyes, "Did you seriously think that sappy story would be enough to trick me?"

Kiana looked at the old man surprised before immediately hiding it and asked, "W-What are you saying? Why would I trick you?"

The old man kept his cold gaze at her as he continued, "Your story was mediocre at best and your acting was amateurish. Did you seriously think I would not see it through because I'm an old man? I've been the leader of this group for over fifty years... Did you really think I won't have a skill to see through lies?"

Kiana didn't answer as she panicked in her head, 'What?! He has?! I never thought the story wouldn't get through him! Gah! What am I suppose to do?! Think Kiana! We don't want him to think you are evil!'

Raiga huffed as he continued, "The only reason why Taiga didn't see it through because she had already trusted you. That girl is too carefree to see something obvious in front of her eyes sometimes... Now tell me. Who are you and why are you here?"

She ceased her panic with a deep breath before answering, "I was not lying... My name is Kiana Kaslana. I am here to ask Kiritsugu for help... but Shirou told me his dead. I had nowhere to go, so Shirou decided to help me by giving me a pace to stay."

Raiga just stared and had a look that tells her he was not believing her, "Likely story. Did you seriously think Kiritsugu hasn't warned me about his wife's family?"

Kiana looked at him in shock and thought, 'You mean he knows I'm not his niece?! I never thought Kiritsugu would ever tell him anything about that! What am I suppose to say now?! I should have made a plan B!'

Seeing that she is unresponsive, Raiga clicked his tongue, "Tch, I knew it. You were just here to clear your family's grudge against Emiya. Did you seriously think we would let you try to kill Shirou without any consequences?"

Her panic was immediately replaced with confusion as she got caught off guard by his accusation. "Huh? What do you mean kill?"

"Of course! Kiritsugu had told me about your family! You guys have such a strong grudge at him that you would even kill his son to let that grudge go! Did you seriously think he would not tell us about such a thing?!"

She looked at the man with confusion before getting mad at him, "Of course not! Because why the hell would I want to kill him in the first place?! Sure, those assholes would want to kill Kiritsugu but they wouldn't want to waste their time killing an adopted child of his!"

"So you do admit that your family wants to kill Kiritsugu. What makes you think I would believe that you wouldn't go back and kill him?"

"BECAUSE I WOULD NOT!" She shouted and slammed at the table in anger.

The old man was taken aback by her shout as she continued, "Why the hell would I kill him after helping me from the goodness of his heart! Shirou gave me food and a place to stay from the rain before even knowing my name! Killing him after all that he has done for me is a disgusting act of betrayal that you HUMANS DO!"

The two stared at each other before she finally realized what she had done. She looked at the worried old man and panicked, "Oh shit! I am very sorry! I got a bit angry that you think I would kill him and shouted at you. Please don't let Shirou or Taiga know about this! I don't want to get kicked out of the house!"

If the old man was shocked or angry, he didn't show it as he took a few deep breaths and said, "Fine... Let's make a deal then."

Kiana looked at Raiga with worry as he continued, "Kiritsugu once said that your family was dangerous... Dangerous enough that he told me they could fight my group and win... And after this conversation... I think he may be right."

She didn't know what the old man meant but kept quiet as he continued, "So, the deal would be if you promise to protect Taiga and Shirou and not hurt them... I will let you stay in their house and let this conversation a secret from those two."

Kiana immediately nodded and agreed, "Okay! Deal! I will do it!"

The old man smiled and nodded as he took a sip of his tea. Just a few moments later, the door opened violently revealing Taiga and Kyota who has a bear face bread on their hands, "Kiana! I'm back with the bread... What happened?"

Looking at the table, Kiana saw that the plates and their cups of tea had fallen and spilled on the floor. She panicked and was about to say some random excuse but Raiga beat her to it, "It was nothing Taiga. We just had a heated argument and I accidently pressed some buttons."

Taiga frowned at the old man and said, "See! I told you asking about that was bad! You know asking about stuff like that is very personal and sensitive grandpa..."

The old man merely shrugged as she gave Kiana her bread with a sorry smile, "I'm sorry if my grandpa said something that upsets you... He isn't usually like this. Maybe he's a bit tensed and paranoid because of the problem that's happening now. Don't take it to heart okay?"

Kiana smiled and nodded, "It's fine... I was also wrong... Thanks for the bread."

Taiga merely smiled as she took a bite of her own bread and smiled brightly, "Ahh~ This still tastes good as I remember."

Kiana chuckled as she ate hers and agreed with Taiga. It was good.

Tuna Tuna Tuna~!

Looking at the car that's going farther away, Raiga smiled and looked back at the mean waiting for him inside the house before announcing, "She's safe! The girl is Kiritsugu's niece! Now go on with your day! We'll get something to drink later tonight!"

"Yeah!!" The crowd cheer as they started walking to their previous posts with a smile on their faces. Kyota who was with him sighed and said, "See? What did I tell you? The girl was normal. I know Shirou is kind and all but he is smart as well. He would have known if he was being tricked."

Raiga rolled his eyes and said, "Yeah yeah. Shirou would probably have known if he was being tricked... Probably. The boy's head won't be thinking about if he's getting tricked when it comes to helping others... But what bothers me is that the girl..."

The image of her ominous yellow eyes bothers him, 'What was she? I'm sure her blue eyes turning yellow isn't normal...'

"Uhh? What's wrong with the girl?"

Kyota's question brought him out of his thoughts as he shook his head, "It's nothing... I just have the feeling that Kiritsugu hasn't told me everything that's all... Let's go back and play Shogi. I'm sure you would want a rematch after this whole thing."

"Ha! Bring it on! I have been playing with the others and got a few strategies in mind. I have a good feeling about this time."

Raiga chuckled and smiled softly at his right hand man as the two walk in to the house.

(AN = He did not win)

Tuna Tuna Tuna~

Arriving back home, Kiana grunted as she smacked her head onto the table, "I can't believe I shouted at an old man... If mom was there she would have smacked my head for disrespecting an elder... Why did I suddenly get angry like that? I'm sure I have a bit more patience."

"Of course, you would get angry. I mean, I would have as well."

Looking up from the table, she saw Taiga with a pout as she continued, "My grandpa was in the wrong., We knew that it was a very sensitive topic and he kept going on with it. So sorry about that."

Kiana gave her a dry smile and kept quiet.

"Anyways, I'm going to take a shower first. Ask Shirou if you need anything." She said and left her alone in the living room.

Kiana sighed tiredly and lied down on the floor, "I think I've been sighing a bit too much today... Well, that's a given after everything... Then after this, I think Shirou would want to meet up for some magic related things..."

The moment she said that, the man himself opened the door and greeted her, "Hey Kiana. How was your meeting with Raiga?"

She shrugged and answered, "Not much... I just get a little bit heated up after something he asked. He really thought I was here to kill you."

Shirou looked at the girl in shock and asked, "Really? What made him think like that? I thought the homeless cousin story would work on him."

Kiana gave him a wry smile and said, "Yeah... No... He said the story was mediocre at best and caught my act when I tried to make myself look depressed... Also he asked about the problem that happened to make me go here... We didn't exactly make anything except saying something very bad happened in the past... So I made it up on the spot."

Shirou sighed and said, "At least the meeting went well, seeing that you're here without any problems."

Kiana merely nodded before asking, "So when are we going to talk about the 'thing'? Yesteraday you said you wanted to talked about it the next day right?"

Shirou nodded and answered, "Yes. But we would need to wait for Taiga to seep first. She's usually already asleep at nine every weekdays because of school. Let's meet up in the shed when it's time."

Kiana looked at Shirou with surprise as she thought, 'We're going to the shed?! The place Emiya Shirou practices his magecraft! I wonder what's in the shed...'

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Omake : What if the Holy Grail War had some servants from Honkai?

Rin looked at the pink haired elf in front of her in shock as her servant introduce herself, "Greetings, Master~ I am servant Archer. It's nice to meet you~"

"Archer?! I thought I was summoning a saber! Gah! 10 years waiting for this moment to get an archer! Why?!"

The elf pouted cutely at her master, "Moooouu! Master is so mean~! I haven't even introduce myself and she already hates me. How rude."


"Hmm? Now this is unexpected." The grey haired woman muttered as she looked at her supposedly master. She kneeled down and introduces herself, "Greetings, I am servant Lancer, Fu Hua. Reporting for duty."

The red haired master blinked in confusion as she asked, "Uhh... You're not Cu Chulainn? I thought that fragment of gae bolg was his?"

Fu Hua merely raised an eyebrow in confusion and answered, "Although, I do not know why you didn't summon this... Cu Chulainn fellow. I can assure you, I have over fifty thousand years of experience."


"Servant Rider at your service." The woman with dark purple hair and red devil horns said as her eyes stared at the purple haired girl and the abomination beside her.

"Hm? You aren't Medusa. Tell me your name servant." The abomination said.

Mei frowned as purple electricity began to crackle around her body, "Do not speak to me. You are not my master."

"Wait! Please don't attack! Just tell him your name." The purple haired girl said with a begging look.

Mei sighed and let her energy receded back to her core as she said, "Fine. You are my master after all. My name is Mei Raiden. At your service."


"I'm sorry young one. That despicable man forced me to do this. I hope you have a better life in the next one." She said as her spear sliced the boy's torso.

Shirou grunted in pain as he ran to the shed in panic. "Tch! I was saved from you before... I'm not going to die and let my second chance go to waste!"

'I'm sorry...' Fu Hua merely frowned in pity as she threw her spear at the boy... but that spear was blocked by a wave of fire. Her eyes widened in shock as she jumped back away from the boy.

"Fu Hua... What has happened when I was gone? To think you would go for an innocent boy like this. Should I teach you another lesson?" A familiar voice said as the fire began to clear out revealing a woman with red hair and a familair red suit.

"You... Himeko-san..."

Himeko smirked as her gods bane battlesuit flared with Honkai energy, "Now that I'm a servant. My body could take on honkai energy better than before..." She pointed her sword at the woman and said with a soft smile, "Let's do another lesson on self defense, shall we?"

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