2 I Choose...

"Wait hang on. I have so many questions to ask, don't just say that like the ending to an episode of anime!" Lin Ke interrupts.

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"Of course! Ask away! I will be sure to answer all of them as best as I can!" The cat answers in a cheerful tone.

"Well, first of all, what's your name?" Lin Ke sincerely askes.

The cat, as if not expecting that question, pauses for a moment. "My… name? You can just call me system right?"

"No wait, wouldn't that sound weird though? Are you saying that when God made you he didn't give you a name? That's just mean."

The cat pauses for a long time to contemplate. Finally, she says "Alright, I guess you're right. Then… then… what do you want to call me?" She was talking so shyly, almost human I would go so far as to say.

"Hm, well you're a white cat, so how about we call you… Meowth?" Lin Ke says, half-jokingly.

The cat, which had been licking her paws, looked at Lin Ke with a look of disdain. Immediately, Lin Ke understands that that wasn't a good joke in this situation. He thinks a bit further, "Well, then how about Lily?"

The cat thinks over the name for a bit, "Lily…Lily huh. Lily!" The more she says it, the happier she becomes. "Lily! My name is Lily! I'm a beautiful white flower! Lily!" With those words, she lands on the floor and springs up at Lin Ke's face.

"Woah Lily, be careful!" Lin Ke says as he catches the kitty. Once in his arms, Lily proceeds to lick Lin Ke's cheeks. Her whiskers brush against his face, and she laughs joyfully, as if being given a name is the best thing in the world.

After a few seconds, the cat backs off, and starts floating in front of Lin Ke again. It took awhile for her to regain her calm but when she finally did she asks "Well, with that aside, are there any other questions you need to ask?"

"Well yes, question 2: What's after C-class? Does it go from C to B to A to S? Is that how it goes?"

Lily holds her paws to her cheeks in a very humanlike fashion of contemplation. "Mmmm. Yes, it is how it goes, but I can't tell you what their abilities are right now. That information will be unlocked when you have taken and passed the test to be a C-class artist. That is all I can say right now."

"Well alright, next question. What is the point of this, what is my purpose here? Is it really just because God threw me here on a whim?"

Lily's eyes flash quickly with an unknown emotion, which disappeared as soon as it came. It was so fast Lin Ke didn't even catch anything off with her. "Of course!" She says. "But! You can say that you have a purpose! Your purpose is to spread your form of art, your name, and show the world! That you are! The! One! And! Only! Most Talented! Artist! Ever!!! Now, are there any more questions?"

"Yes, one more. Where do I go from here?" Lin Ke looks around, and all he sees grass, and grass, and even more grass. For as far as the eye can see, all there was to see was rolling hills of bright green grass, swaying merrily to the rhythm of the wind. "What am I supposed to do now?"

"Ah my dearest host! That's an awfully good question. Well 2 questions. Anyways, of course, I, the wonderful and helpful system, Lily, will teleport you to the place where your journey will truly begin. So, the place you are right now, is in fact, just another loading screen! As for your second question, wait a moment. That's 2 questions! You liar! You said one more!"

"Well in the middle of my sentence I remembered I still needed to ask something else, so PARDON me for asking my dearest system ONE extra question. Che. And I thought that you were the most useful thing in the world too." With a disgusted expression, Lin Ke crosses his arms and turns away.

Hearing the last part of Lin Ke's sentence, Lily's ears immediately perk up. "What did you say? I'm the most useful thing in the world? Of course I am!" She puffs out her chest in pride. "Well then, since I'm so helpful, I will be so kind as to answer your other question too! What you are to do now is choose. You have 2 choices as to how you want to climb to the top. Choice 1: You set up shop in one of the major cities and sell your artworks to people. Choice 2: You roam the world, traveling to the very corners of the world in search of adventure! The choice is yours! You have 90 second!"

"Wait what? Wait stop! Pause! I need more time than 90 seconds! This concerns my entire future! Come on! What is this customer service! I demand more time! If you don't give me more time, prepare to hear from my lawyer!" Despite Lin Ke's best efforts to stop Lily from counting, Lily continues to ignore Lin Ke.

"You have 80 seconds left to make a decision!" Lily says merrily, as if this all did not concern her. After saying this, she pulls out a huge white screen from seemingly nowhere. The screen displayed "78" and was going down by the second.

"Shit shit shit." Lin Ke said to himself. "What do I choose? Which option is the best? How am I supposed to make a choice like this? Where's the random number generator when you need it?"

Slowly, time ticked away.

"You have 10 seconds left to make a decision!" Lily says, while playing with her tail.

"There's no need to continue counting, I've decided." Lin Ke suddenly gets up from the ground. "I choose…."

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