Arthur Liones in Highschool Dxd!
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Arthur Liones in Highschool Dxd!


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What is Arthur Liones in Highschool Dxd!

Read Arthur Liones in Highschool Dxd! fanfiction written by the author lazybod on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering romance, reincarnation, r18, system, harem. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


Arthur Liones. A college student who dies at the age of 18 is reincarnated into DxD as the inheritor of the shadow monarch system among other things! Follow him on his journey through the world of DxD. (Kinda on hiatus right now as I’ve started college again, I’ll probs update at some point soon, I’ve started a chap and have ideas, just have no time. Sorry my duds) OP MC (Skip first three chapters if you want to, its baso an intro, nothing necessary, but you might enjoy it) A/N: Hear me folks! Hear me. If you find the mc cringe and write a review based on that. Im sorry but your review is getting yoinked, I've kept a couple from when i first started the story because there wasn't really a warning, but there has been one for a while, and if your going to leave a review, at least read until chap 15. Thanks Please read the authors notes, I explain the things I do in my stories! The MC is going to be a little edgy when fighting others who would see him or his loved ones harmed. i like them that way :) (I don't own Highschool DxD, all rights go to Ichiei Ishibumi. I only own my OC's and some other ideas) Will most likely be a harem (up to you guys really but I like em personally) Lemons might included if you’d want them. (Never written them before) Mc will be cringe so don’t read if you don’t like that. First 10 chapters will be a cringe fest Schedule is set on my profile, though it could alter some days based on my motivation, ideas etc. Friendly comments always help! :) I’m just doing this for fun, and have a lot of free time due to being on summer holiday getting ready for my third year at college! Book will follow what people want and based off the suggestions I get! I will try to follow good spelling and grammar, feel free to point any mistakes out, this is my first time writing. I appreciate all reviews I might receive. (Unless your below 5 IQ that is)

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This fic amuses me a lot I hope you do not stop it , I think mc is very funny acting as a young master , always continue with the good work friend !!! [Google Translate]


I don't know about others but for me it's to cringe .................................................. .......................................................


I’m writing this bc i disagree with most review written so far. grammar is very good , update stability and story development have been awesome aswell only downsides i would say is the mc’s “cringe” and edgy moments that some people may find anoying(only at the beggining of the story) and the amount of swearing. I would definetely recommend giving this ff a chance.


Ayo! Can you make a different version with the MC being a normal character & not a Y/N Character? - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ----------


it's good, don't drop it and keep writing it, don't listen to haters, just do you, the story is very good and I personally would like to keep reading it.


Bro don't mind the haters and people leaving bad reviews and comments the only reason why they do that is their inability to write their own story so they take it out on others. If they think the story is bad just tell them to f off and not read it if it's thag bad. Like at this point they are just maliciously doing this out of jealousy.


I don’t know about everyone else but I’m liking this story a lot so I’ll be giving some powerstones now. ___________________________________


History is a pleasant pastime. The work of a budding author who starts writing for pure pleasure. Certainly not a work that will enter the best sellers of this millennium, but certainly not a work that people should criticize in an offensive and thinking way, especially if they leave only words without indicating a problem. In my opinion there are problems with too many swearing in sentences, a character with a strong ego or even too many POV changes ... but definitely nothing that deserves contempt or words like garbage. If you don't like the story you just have not to read it, if you see the potential you can instead indicate where in your opinion the author could improve. The stories are based on the wishes of the author and the taste of the reader. Continue with your author work


***Review AS of chapter 30 spoilers*** MC gets cockblocked a Lot. Well atleast His Relations make some Progress. MC currently is trying to seduce Serafall. Next on the list are Rias, Sona, Koneko, Kuroka, Asia, Ophis, Grayfia, Tiamat, Ddraigg, Gabriel, and Well... a Bunch of Girls. Thanks for the hard Work so far author also have an Irina Amen.


I like the story. The story that the author tells uses and combines many concepts that have been done before, in some cases even better than here, but the combination of them and the ability of the author too put a smile on my face is quite refreshing. So I would recommend this story to everyone who is looking for a enjoyable read.


First off, I quite enjoy this story and wished it updated more frequently. That said, I highly recommend it, especially since it is one of the few non-Rias-bashing fan fics on the sight. Personally, the intro chapters were a huge turn-off and almost made me drop the story and I think most people could do with out it. They don’t add much to the understanding of the mc, though recently we have seen a but more of his temper resurface. Aside from that, the interactions with the characters are generally fun and entertaining. I was and still am sceptical about the ultra overpowered MC from the start since that lack of growth tends to leave gaps in stories and often leaves authors burned out constantly pushing the plot. Overall, a nice read and a good new DxD fanfic.


I am writing this review for author to not drop this novel due to some hate reviews there are few people including me that like this novel and don't give into the dark side. the dark side can be tempting but know that the force is strong with you.


Well, I won't bore you with the details, I love the story and I hope you continue writing. I wouldn't say that I like a lot the MC cause I never really liked young masters haha but with your writing quaility and the idea behind the fanfic, it is more than enough for me to skip this minor detail. I only hoped there were more chapters haha. Thanks for writing this fanfic you're doing a great job!


This fanfiction is amazing so far. If anyone reading this likes highschool dxd, gamer or self insert fanfictions I reccomwnd that you read this.


I already know about the world so you don't have to go in to that and so far the story is good keep it up I'd like to read alot more, don't drop!!


decent story pretty fast paised I hope you slow it down to flush out the story more but it ain't have bad and a nice read .................


I like it.I just hope that the Author dosnt drop it.The story has potential if the Athor keeps writing it.Gotta catch them all. And if we could get 2 chapters a day it would be awesome


Dude don't drop this novel please it's a really great novel that I really enjoy and look forward to and I know many others feel the same way about it too


For starters i think this story is very fun to read and im sure some of the other readers think so too and i like the MC’s playful yet serious personality (its always been my favorite) it just adds on to the fun im having with the story now . id add more but im not gonna type a paragraph do imma day keep up the good wrk author!


I really enjoy the story don't drop no matter what!! .. ... ....... .. .. ... .... . .. .. ...... .. .. .. .. .. .. ... ..... .. .. .... ..


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