Art of the Ancient Dragon Emperor Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

Art of the Ancient Dragon Emperor

Xue Zhiqian

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After being promoted to the Lin Clan Sect Residence’s main division, Lin Han was one step closer to his dream of martial arts prestige, or so he thought. Despite his grueling and hard training, his abilities were stuck in a plateau — there was no improvement in his power, no matter how hard he trained. What would happen to his dream? What would happen to Xiao Nu, his handmaiden that he had brought from his home village by promising her a better life? Lin Han would endure his suffering for a year, praying hard for the Heavens to see his predicament, until one day the First Ancient Dragon Emperor saw his vicious tenacity and fighting spirit. The First Ancient Dragon Emperor would choose Lin Han to receive an inheritance of his infinite power in exchange for the fulfillment of his dying wish — to see his traitorous lover, Lan Bingyan, slain by Lin Han’s hand. Armed with the power of a god, join our hero as he bursts through the ranks of martial arts and seizes his status as a legend!