3 Chapter Three

The next day I head to school and I see that Jerry is bullying my friend Jade. I walk up to them and throw Jerry against the wall.

"What the hell do you think your doin". "

Teaching little Jade here that she shouldn't be here". "

Well if you really think that you can get out of here, just because your new ill let it slide but next time I won't".

"Oh, really you think I'm scared. I bet you're not even that strong defending someone like that LOSER". She looked around as people said "Ooooh" and whispered about the situation.

"What are you guys Ohhhhing about?" Jonna asked.

"Don't drag anyone into this, you picked this fight," I said as I showed her my level on my neck.

" I'm sorry it won't happen again," she said with an apologetic tone.

"It better not by the way, what are you?"

"Oh, I'm a 6." Really picking on a 4 when you're not that high yourself".

"I didn't know I'm sorry."

"You will learn to not mess with my group ''.

"You'll notice that I'm the boss around here". I said walking to my class with Jade.

"Did she hurt you?".

"Not really she just got to me then you got there.".

"You're lucky you don't get here that long before me.".

"Well, I'm lucky just being your friend.".

"This world is messed up. The teachers don't even care for lower ones, what do they call you guys again?".

"They call us the unwanted.".

They call them the unwanted because they are the ones who bring the world down and they are the lower ones who don't deserve the life they get. I really don't think it should be this way. The world just keeps on getting worse and the way people get treated isn't getting any better. I'm sure there are people who think like me. They are probably too scared to confess. I'm honestly tired of this and I'm going to do something about it. I want to be something people look up to but there will be people who will absolutely despise me. I think that being someone big is. I'm sure The unwanted know this and they don't like this and that they care for their life no matter what they are doing because some believe that they really shouldn't be here. I absolutely despise those types of people. Most kids are like that because they think they are better because I think all kids are a little too cocky. I think it's all in how they are raised and how they force their opinions on them. I think that they are more toxic and I think they are like that because their parents because they also had bad parents. I think they try forcing their problems on their children. I think when I am a parent because I will just do everything I wanted my parents to do and be the parent I never had. I don't really care about how they are supposed to love you unconditionally. Since I'm a good child they always try to put things on me that I didn't do because they think I can handle it the most. I believe they are so psychotic on both sides of their family. My father is where I get my short temper and my mother is where I get my anxiety and depression. Everything else I get is from what they put us all through as children. I think when you're a child how your parents treat you and the people around you makes you like how my father treated the people around me like shit and that made me think for a little bit that it's okay to treat people like that. As I grew up people treated me the same and I noticed it was a good feeling and I think it's terrible how I felt and how it made me think. A lot of things still stick with me and they are my insecurities now. I still treat people like that when they deserve it. Like the higher-ups who think they are better than everyone. I think even if people think I'm terrible I only like the people I'm close to knowing my soft side. At the same time, I think the people that know I'm mean to the people who are mean to my friends know I'm a good person because of how overprotective of them I am. Whether or not I'm a good person in other people's eyes I think I'm a good friend to my friends and I hope they think the same. After school, I went home and went to my room and decided to make a Loverly to talk about the things that are wrong in the way people treat people and how the government leads the world.

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