1 Chapter One

I have a rough time in school more than most. Well, I guess it's my fault because of the way I act. It's the people I want to hang out with. In my time there are powers we all get ranked in how strong we are. They rank us From 1-5 but there are those who are stronger like me. I'm considered the strongest. It isn't that abnormal my family is famous for being very strong. I'm an 8.5. You can get stronger by training but I haven't really done that for that long. I've seen people who would train for hours and hours and not get that much stronger. I used to train all the time to be considered a daughter. I'm the middle child in my family. My sisters and brothers before me set the bar super high for me and we don't get treated the same anywhere, not even my house. I'm the favorite child because I'm the strongest child. They have higher expectations than ever. It really gets on my nerves sometimes but at the same time, I get away with a lot of other things that my other sibling can't. I never really have any friends because everyone just tries to be my friend for the benefits. I mean I get it you want to be considered strong and nobody will mess with you. The teachers expect things from me that shouldn't be humanly possible. I get along better with the outcasts, the ones that aren't that strong and are into weird things and dress darker and don't talk much. People find that weird because I can be the most popular person in this school. I choose not to because it would be all fake they would just use me I learned that over the years. I get used to it. Everyone wants to be at the top of everything, something natural to humans. We are all greedy in our own way nothing can change that. Once everyone started to get powers it was all crazy. Then the most powerful people stood up to take control. After that everything started to calm down. There are some power crazy people. Even with us being at our strongest everyone started to divide up. People started to say they were better and some moved out of places because they got better and thought they were better than the people they lived with. Which caused there to be places where some people would be thrown out because they weren't like the others. People got fired, beat, and jumped. This divided the good rich and better kids. And the kids who came from poor weak families. Sure there are the few that grow up in a weak family but they become strong. Those people are kind of mid classed because they are good but they are in the "bad" part of town and with a poor family. So the kids like this usually try to hide the fact but most of the time people find out where they live and lose some popularity. I am that one person who everyone fears and people do anything to stay on my good side. The bad thing about me is I have a bad temper. The littlest things get me mad whether it's someone telling me what to do or someone looking at me wrong or someone being obnoxious. People tend to watch what they do to me and my friends for this reason. I like the rep it gave me because nobody tries something in class and it helps in a lot of situations. People above five think they deserve to be my friend but that's far from

the truth. I like things going my way and everyone knows this. I usually say what I think because people actually listen outside of the home because at home I'm ignored, It feels amazing to be feared and people listen and give me things and give me attention. All the information I gave you about myself you still don't know my name. You probably think I'm a terrible person but I'm Arson. I was supposed to be a guy but my parents didn't want to give up the name so most people think I'm a guy but I'm female. My parents always want a boy because they are considered stronger. They want the family name to stay strong and powerful. Which I get but it also gives us girls feel unwanted. We girls are the stronger one's kind of because we grew tough skin since we need to be strong. So we were expected to train more to keep the family name and reputation strong. So that's what I and my sisters did. I was always the one to cover myself and go past the expectation to be expected. I still sometimes feel like a bother and unwanted but that's how it is in this world. That's how we were all taught to make people feel it was normalized to put people down. I am one of the only people to get that it's wrong. So I'm trying to get people to change. So far I haven't yet to start but this is my adventure stick around if you want to find out how it goes.

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