4 Chapter 4

As I look through what people post, I've noticed it's all basically the same people ten to do the same thing. There are some people who do different things but they barely get any views. I think I like the ones who do different things. I think this app is so boring but I just need to get on the right side of it. As I scroll through the app for hours and find people I like and who I dislike I seem to have got off the weird basic people stuff. I noticed people's different fashion choices and I seem to like the darker rebel style. I think they are pretty cool. Their music choice is pretty good. I like the vibes it gives me. I haven't really seen people like this in real life. I always thought everyone was into the same things. I really like their sense of style. I have a more tomboy look and I would like to change that. As I keep on watching and seeing how they act and how they look I start to notice that their make-up is so amazing. As I keep on trying to figure out the things I like on the app I noticed I've been here for 3 hours I didn't even notice. I got so absorbed in this app I spent so much time on it. I thought of how I haven't really done anything like I usually do. I think I need to do something so I decided to go to the store to agest my style. As I get to the store I notice that they don't really have the style I want. So I go to a mall and walk around and see a store that I never really went to. I noticed how their employees dress and decided to go in. as I walk around the store I notice some jewelry. The jewelry is very heavy and as I notice some others I like the rings so I buy some and I also buy the things I would wear. I also got some more jewelry. As I get all of these I notice that my parents would never let me wear all of this. Well, it's not like they can stop me. I stopped listening to them in 6th grade. Yet they still tell me what to do if it helps my siblings I will do it but if it's just for them I usually ignore them. My parents still try to be good parents and stuff but it always goes badly. They always seem to know when I'm having a good day and ruin it in some way. They say I don't do anything which gets on my nerves a lot because my other siblings literally don't do anything for themselves that they need to survive. I am the child that does all the work for their own good. I don't know if they will be able to make it when I move. They will have to get used to things without me after I leave. I bet things will be quite different when I leave because they try to rely on me too much. I want to get other things but I don't feel like cleaning all this once I get home. I started to head home and once I got there it was the usual my parents not getting along and my brother playing games and my younger sister messing around. I head to my room and sort my things. I went to put the clothes I bought into the washer and I noticed a note on my dresser. I thought nothing of it and continued what I was doing then I put my jewelry in some baking soda mixed with hydrogen peroxide. Before the clothes I got are done washing I sorted the clothes I already had. I got rid of a lot of clothes I didn't use and that didn't fit me. Not long after that my clothes were done and I started to fold them and put them away when I got a notification from Loverly. I check and I start to scroll through and I see a really cool makeup look so I try it out and I find out how it looks. I wanted to know if I did good so I text my friend Jade and she responds not too long after. Wow, you look amazing Nova I didn't know you were so good at eyeliner you need to teach me sometime." "Really is it that good, wear it to school tomorrow?". "Go for it you would look so good but I also think you would look super intimidating, not that you aren't already.". " Okay that's fine by me I will do whatever I please.". "Who cares what people think you do whatever nobody will mess with you anyways.". "Yeah I know, nobody messes with me now I kind of gained a bad reputation with everyone.". " I have to go. My parents don't know I have my phone and they are telling me to do things.". "Okay bye bye Jade." "Byeeeeeee". As I keep on scrolling through Loverly find something interesting that is gonna happen near me.