Arranged To Say " I Do" Book

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Arranged To Say " I Do"


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What will you do if you wake up one morning to hear that you are arranged to get married to someone you have not even met before??.......well, that's the fate of Ava Smith... When her father informs her about the arrangement and the look on his face shows his hands are tied, she wonders why her grandfather made an arrangement like that, she has no other option but to say the words... I Do Xavier Carter,cold hearted, ruthless but devishly handsome, billionaire and CEO of Carter Industries finds out he is to get married to a girl he doesn't know and definitely doesn't give a crap about.. he doesn't really have a say because of his grandfather and he can't let all his hardwork come crashing down as a result of being stubborn... he decides to get married but make her life a living hell until she decides to leave. Join this ride of love ...what will fate have for them??A divorce or happily ever after?.


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