Around The Zones
The Beginning Book

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Around The Zones The Beginning



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The beginning of an uknown adventure to a young man together with his comrades. A world that are full of futuristic things and music gives power to everyone. Into this unknown world that the young man steps on, his peaceful life ended when he witnessed the chaos that are happening within the borders of his community. Surrounded by a wall and the dangers in the outskirts of his town, he's adventure starts unexpectedly involving himself to every challenges that everyone's need to face. A story that focuses on their point of views and journeys that is pretty endless. A matter of life and death situations, a battle between entities and a goal for the sake of their race. "No matter how happy the world is, it's feign beauty will uncovers" (With references like cytus and other games that I played and animes, movies etc. that I love to watched)

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