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Armored Death Mage


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The Armored Death Mage was hungry. He was always hungry. He got up from his bed, and slipped into his bunny slippers and padded out of his room. He grabbed his sword, and whistled for his Armored Death Horse to come to him. "NEIGH! NEIGH!" The Armored Death Horse neighed. Which could be roughly translated to "Why the hell are you calling me in the middle of the night? I was asleep and having a good dream chasing an Armored Death Mare!" "Shut up and bring me to the granary. I want to steal some corn and make myself some corn soup." The Armored Death Mage said in a very annoyed voice. "Neigh! Neigh!" The Armored Death Horse neighed again. Which could be roughly translated to "Corn? Again? When will you stop this farce and start eating some real food? There are so many villagers to kill and feast on!" "I won't eat another human being! Not until I find out who the hell made these bunny slippers! What if I accidentally kill the genius who made them?" The Armored Death Mage roared at his Armored Death Horse while pointing down to his super cute, white furred bunny rabbit slippers. *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Just some random idea to fill in this republished I Devour Mechas link. Lol.


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