26 Spirit Contractor [Karan - The Great Warrior]

Lu An watched the scene from a certain distance. The green gas disappeared and he saw a three meters tall figure standing as the zombie's bodies disappeared. This figure was not a human, but hulk.

Yes, the creature's skin was green, from its face till its toe. It had four tusks that protruded out of his mouth which looked a little scary. It wore nothing except beast leather to cover its lower body.

Along with its tall stature, it had a muscular body. The abs and the bulging muscle on his arms showed how strong this creature was. However, Lu An noticed there was something wrong with this green creature. The figure seemed to be blurred.

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang who was near the green creature was a bit surprised with the sudden appearance of the bizarre creature. The creature in front of him was more like a monster in the movie.

'So I have to beat this green creature into submission and establish a contract with this creature with [Spirit Contract]...'

Spirit Contractor, he almost guessed it right before, but the spirit and ghost were different. Spirit Contractor borrowed the power of spirit to increase his power, depending on the spirit he summoned, he might get extra skills.

Origin instructed him to use the zombie's dead bodies to activate [Sacrificial Offering] to summon the spirit warrior. After that, making a contract with the spirit through [Spirit Contract] skill then he could use the Spirit's power through his skill, [Spirit Integration].

That was the plan, but to make a contract with the spirit, usually, the spirit would issue a challenge to the one who summoned it. Even a spirit did not want to bow their head to a weak Master.

But there was a special case where the spirit willingly made a contract without fighting. But it happened only once out of ten million chances. That was what Origin told him.

As for why Origin thought Spirit Contract as the most suitable class for him, it was because of his Divine Body talent. The talent gave him more attributes and his attributes were more balanced.

Compared to Lu An who had high agility, clearly, Lu An was not suitable for this class. It was because he needed to beat the spirit for the contract. He was fast enough, but could his speed defeat the spirit in battle?

After all, one needed to beat the spirits to gain their power. Moreover, summoning a weak spirit was just a waste of Spirit Contractor class.

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang who focused on his Strength and Vitality while the other attributes increased each time leveled up. He had a high chance of winning against a strong spirit compared to Lu An who had superior Agility.

Tang Shaoyang stared at the creature in front of him and the green creature also stared back at him. When the green creature spotted Destroyed that rested on Tang Shaoyang's shoulder, its green eyes gleamed in excitement.

The green creature rushed over to Tang Shaoyang, alerting him as he thought the opposite party was going to attack him. However, the green creature stopped five meters away from Tang Shaoyang.

It pointed toward the battle-ax and spoke, "You. Warrior?"

Tang Shaoyang looked at his battle-ax then he looked back at the green creature and nodded, "Yes, I am a warrior. My name's Tang Shaoyang!"

He heeded Origin's advice. His AI advised him not to be hostile with the spirit he summoned. After all, the spirit would be his comrade later, having a good relationship was better. Starting by introduction was a good start, it was what Tang Shaoyang thought.

"Me. Warrior. Also. Karan. The-Great-Warrior." Karan gave his name out as it scanned Tang Shaoyang.

"Grhh… You. Fight Karan… If you hold out until the sun sets… Karan. Agree. With-the-contract! Karan. Not. Follow. Weakling!"

After hearing Karan's declaration, Tang Shaoyang's eyes gleamed savagely. The thing he disliked the most when other people looked down at him. In the past, he always smashed the people who looked down at him, with an exception his ex-boss who already died.

"Good! We will fight, but I don't need that long to beat you! I will defeat you before the sun sets!" Having said that, he did not immediately attack the spirit. He retreated, giving Karan a time to prepare. This was a fair duel, he would fight fairly.

"Karan. Like. You. Spirit! Get. Ready. Karan. Coming!" Having said that, an ax materialized in Karan's hand. The ax in his was shorter and thicker, a double blade ax with a shorter shaft.

With the ax in its hand, Karan rushed toward Tang Shaoyang. Karan's speed was slightly faster than Tang Shaoyang, but he did not plan to avoid the big guy's attack.

Karan swung its ax toward Tang Shaoyang. At the same time, Tang Shaoyang also swung his battle-ax with all his might. He did not plan to dodge, but a clash of strength.


The axes clashed, causing a loud noise and ripple of gush wind hit Lu An who stood twenty meters away from the battlefield. Lu An was startled by the sensation he felt on his cheek. He stared at the fight in awed.

However, then, he noticed his Boss was pushed away by the green monster. Yes, Tang Shaoyang was losing in the clash of strength.

Both axes stopped in the mid-air for a moment before Karan gave the last push that pushed Tang Shaoyang. Tang Shaoyang himself was surprised as he lost in the term of strength, getting pushed back in the first clash.

"You. Strong. But. Karan. Stronger!" Karan did not forget to flaunt his strength after their first clash.

"Urgh… I can't believe that a monster is mocking me now!" Tang Shaoyang gritted his teeth. After a moment of frustration, Tang Shaoyang charged toward Karan and shouted, "The battle is not over yet, greeny!"

"I. Not. Greeny. I. Karan!" Karan returned the shout with a cry as well as it raised its weapon up.

As Tang Shaoyang shortened the distance to three meters, he leaped and swung his battle-ax down to Karan. With his momentum, his strength was increased.

Karan did the same thing as Tang Shaoyang did. It did not try to avoid the attack, but it met the attack head-on. Karan swung its ax to the battle-ax, the second clash ended with a slight superiority from Tang Shaoyang.

Karan gritted its teeth, trying to hold back the great force. The floor cracked as the impact of the clash. Despite the great force behind Tang Shaoyang's attack, he failed to push Karan back just as it did to him.

Frustrated, Tang Shaoyang's body moved in the air as he kicked Karan's chest before he landed on the ground. The kick was so sudden that Karan failed to react to the sudden attack.

Karan staggered a few steps back and stared at Tang Shaoyang in disbelief. It felt slight pain as it did not anticipate the opponent could make such a move.

Tang Shaoyang smirked at Karan and showed his middle finger to the opposite party.

Even though Karan did not understand the meaning behind its opponent's gesture. It was not stupid enough to not understand the meaning behind the gesture. The opponent was taunting it and despite knowing it was a taunt to provoke it, Karan fell for the provocation.

"Rawr! Karan. Angry!" Karan let out a roar and charged toward its opponent again.

"Your roar is useless to me!" Tang Shaoyang did not want to lose as he also charged forward.

The monster and the human clashed, using their brute force and none of them want to lose.

Lu An watched the fight in a daze. The fight was intense, each time the ax clashed, he witnessed his Boss being pushed. However, with some tricks, his Boss would counter the monster with a kick or even a punch.

As they fought longer, Lu An noticed some improvement from his Boss. He noticed the green monster could no longer push his Boss with his brute force. As the battle continued, Tang Shaoyang's strength seemed to be increasing.

It confused the young Lu An. To increase their strength, they needed to level up. To level up, they needed to kill beasts or zombies. But his Boss had been fighting the green monster for three hours, there was no way he could level up without hunting the beasts or zombies.

Lu An took his time to observe his Boss, then he found out that each of his clashes, Tang Shaoyang was in a different posture.

'The right posture could increase his strength?' Lu An was doubtful with his analysis. But he could not think of the other possibilities as to why his Boss suddenly could match the green monster's strength.

Meanwhile, Tang Shaoyang was not the only one who improved. Karan also improved, Tang Shaoyang's sneak kick and punch were dodged and blocked by Karan.

Lu An noticed the improvement between the two as they crazily exchanged strike after strike. He was amazed by what he witnessed.

There was another thing that Lu An noticed, a similarity between the two. One was a monster while the other one was a human, but both were enjoying the battle. The human was smiling while the monster was laughing as they exchanged blows.

The battle lasted for eight hours and Lu An watched the fight in a daze. He did not have his lunch, but just watched the battle, it did not make him hungry at all.


The axes clashed again, causing a spark scattered around. After the clash, Tang Shaoyang retreated, his breathing ragged, making his mouth similar to Koi Fish, opening and closing his mouth.

Karan's condition was not better than Tang Shaoyang. Despite his spirit form, he still felt exhausted from battling too long.

Klang! Klang! Klang!

Suddenly, Tang Shaoyang threw his battle-ax away and shouted, "I am giving up! You can go back to wherever you come from! This battle is useless, there will be no winner between us!"

Earlier he enjoyed the battle, but upon realizing he had no way to win against Karan, he immediately threw his weapon in frustration. The fight was truly useless as he could not defeat the opposite party, meaning he would not get the contract.

Rather than continuing the battle, he would rather hunt the zombies or go back to the fogged park. He could raise his level by hunting them. He enjoyed fighting, but not a fight where he could not win.

Tang Shaoyang laid down on the ground, facing the yellow cloud. He closed his eyes, taking a rest after the long fight.

However, to his surprise, Karan made an unexpected decision, "Human. You. Strong. Karan. Acknowledge. You. Karan. Willing. Follow. You!"

Tang Shaoyang opened his eyes and jumped out, then noticed Karan was kneeling. He was surprised and delighted at the same time, making sure he did not hear wrong, Tang Shaoyang asked again, "Are you sure?"

"Yes. Karan. Accept. Contract!"

Without hesitation, Tang Shaoyang placed his right hand on Karan's bald head and activated [Spirit Contract].

Soon, Karan turned into green gas and entered his forehead. After that, he felt a cooling sensation spread over his head and his body.

[ Contract Established ]

An emotionless robotic voice resounded in his head.

Impatient, Tang Shaoyang immediately activated his third new skill, [Spirit Integration]. Then Karan's blurred image formed on his back for five seconds, after that, the blurred image entered his body.

Tang Shaoyang's skin slowly turned green, then his muscle was bulging. He opened his eyes and checked his status screen.


Name: Tang Shaoyang [Karan - The Great Warrior]

Class: Spirit Contractor

Age: 26

Affiliation: None

Level: 30

Talent: Divine Body

Attribute Point: 0

Strength: 109 [+200]

Agility: 39

Vitality: 60 [+100]

Stamina: 35

Magic Power: 31

Sense: 8

Skill: [Basic Detection], [Sacrificial Offering], [Spirit Contract - Level 1], [Spirit Integration - Level 1]

Contracted Spirit (1/3): [Karan - The Great Warrior]

Spirit Skill:

[Karan Skill]: [War Cry] [Wild Axes] [Earth Split]


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