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Armageddon: The Fallen


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Armageddon, the event mentioned in the book of the Gods finally happened. Different gates of hell opened at different places, summoning forth a huge tide of monsters; some were tiny creatures, others were huge; some were able to disguise as humans, some having inhuman strengths, while others have abilities to manipulate fire and many more. Humanity were on the verge of despair, praying to whomever God they believed on, hoping for some miracle to happen. But it seems like the heavens could not hear the cries of despair and sorrow from these inferior beings, bringing forth a greater feeling of dread and despair to humanity. Some years had passed since then, and most of earth's cities had already become a wasteland and humanity had chosen to live in bunkers underground in the hopes of being able to hide from the monsters roaming above the ground. But all of these suddenly changed when the heavens seemed to have heard enough cries from the humanity for them to be noticed and send help by choosing their most loyal believers who believed them since the peaceful times and gave them the ability to bless the humans; giving the blessed human an ability depending on the believer's God. From then on, humanity started to fight against the hordes of monsters above ground and even managed to establish some cities to be used as the frontline to rebuild the long lost civilization of humankind. One day, Tymora, a normal human, who was always trying his best to survive, failed this time around. On the brink of death, he felt something awaken inside him, unfortunately, his body can not hold on anymore and he suddenly passed out. Watch how would Tymora change his own fate by utilizing the power he received. How well could his journey in life be? What is this mysterious thing he suddenly awakened? How long will he be able to survive in this wasteland? ------------------------------------------------------------------------ I'm quite lazy so...


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