Arganthes: The World Tree
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Arganthes: The World Tree


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What is Arganthes: The World Tree

Read Arganthes: The World Tree novel written by the author RaijinInu on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering adventure, harem, fantasy, horror, ecchi. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


As Geo ventures onwards, unfazed by random encounters. He too finds himself in an unexpacted journey of is own! Shedule: 4 chapters a week. lenght of the chapters: Minimal amount of 1500 to 2500 words. If you enjoy this story, please consider supporting my work by commenting, sharing, reviewing and throwing powerstones against it! Thank you in advance haha! Also if you enjoy my work, please give the other projects a try as well! - Project 01: Arganthes: The Capital of Dungeons - Project 02: What?! I Reincarnated As A Lizard?! - Project 03: Arganthes: The World Tree - Project 04: Arganthes: The Grimoire of Darkness & Void - Project 05: Rejuvination of Arcane & Metal - Project 06: Sacred Wolf Brigade - Project 07: Why Is Everyday Life As An Incubus So Awkward? - Project 08: Being A Dog in Another World, Can Be Quite Challenging! Not to mention that I do recommend begining reading "Project 01" as all project will eventually be part of a grand ever expanding universe, meaning if you as the reader wouldn't read the reccomended order, you could potentially spoil yourself or worse... deprave yourself of the ultimate experience these series provides. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright: RaijinInu/Michel Keesman 06-30-2020 22:51 Note: Copyright of the image used for the cover is mentioned in the left bottom corner!


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I really enjoy reading this book. It is a lot more fast paced then the Capital of Dungeons. And Geo is a captivating individual. There is a lot of room for growth, both in worldbuilding and character development. Also, why is there a harem tag attached to the description? There are barely any females in the story! And the ones that are there get kidnapped without appearing again! It feels like false advertisement; I want my harem!! Dx Oh well, I will just wait until the story of Geo Birchwood unfolds further I guess.. :3


Great work of art and creativity!!! best of luck to both book and author...... Really enjoyed your books all of them..... Such an interesting series of fantasy books


This story is fun to read and the characters are likeable! The interactions and development between the characters are funny and one of the things I'm looking forward to~




The World Tree is the best spinoff novel I have read so far! I really enjoy reading it and I hope that Geo will make some waves in the greater story. My only point of inprovement I could advice is having more interaction with the rest of the characters. But perhaps that will happen in the next volume. You can't have an harem story without multiple women of high market value, if you know what I mean. It is a story for manly men, doing manly things. Women are not the intended demographic in my humble opinion. But who am I to judge? I am a simple man with simple needs!! Looking forward to more, keep on being a writer! :D


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The 2nd Volume of Arganthes: The World Tree has come to an end! But what awaits our hero Geo Birchwood next? Find out in the near future! If you like my works so far feel free to write a review, comment or even throw powerstones at the works you like most. ^^ Ending the 2nd Volume allows me to continue working on Arganthes: The Capital of Dungeons as the adventures of Michael Shadowfang will be continuing soon! At the same time, this will allow me to finally pick up where I have left our journey with Mira from What?! I Reincarnated As A Lizard?! As the 3rd Volume will finally be starting soon as well. Hope you look forward to the following works as I'll keep doing my best to work on my ambitions and deliver to all of you! ^^


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