Are You My One Percent? Book

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Are You My One Percent?


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One percent Ever wondered who your one percent is? That one percent which completes you? Jian Kin is a happy clumsy girl who enjoys to spread her light to the world. Yhin Zhen, a cold, beautiful yet dangerous handsome Idol with a heart of stone who does as he pleases. She happens to have a crazy encounter with the young famous idol. Due to some complications, she's asked to move in with her Dad's best friend who happens to be Yhin Zhen's father, not only that but they attend the same high school as well. Jian decides to brush off her encounter and start afresh wanting to take the young idol as her older brother since she always wished for a brother. Yhin Zhen pretends to not have any interest for Jian and doesn't want to have anything to do with her while Jian keeps trying to make him treat her like a sister. A sudden twist takes place when another famous idol attends her school, can Yhin Zhen keep up with his act or Will the arrival of the famous Idol bring a change and make him realize his true feelings. Can Jian melt the icy heart of the Idol she takes as her brother or is the new idol going to find a way to win Jian's heart. Whose going to be Jian's one percent?


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