1 Chapter 1 What’s happening?

This is the story of my lifetime in school, you might want to sit down for this...

I went to the first day of school today and I regretted it. I saw my ex Amira, it's embarrassing too but I wonder if I'll see my senpai? Anyway, we did the sorting and I got put in the South wing with the rest of the demons. My friends a wolf so she got put in the East wing though.

As I was walking down the hall I saw my awful bully I didn't even get why people were friends with her, she's not even pretty or nice! I thought to myself I'll just walk past her. "Hey!" I turned my head to look at her ugly rude face."Hey Cherry..." I said. "What's up loser never think you'd be here your still ugly as ever!" she said. "I'm ugly? Thanks I was trying to look like you." I said. "Whatever" she said while walking away. I laughed and bumped into...him! "I'm so sorry Izaiah!!!" I said. "It's fine Zodiac calm down..." he said. "Oh sorry!" I said that as I reached for his hand and he pulled me up. "My face is so red!" I whispered to myself as he walked away. I went to class, I was on my computer finishing my work when something weird happened...I was a demon I controlled fire, but I was controlling water?!? What's happening!!!

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