4 Cursed Repercussions

Salem awoke in a room that was rather empty aside from a desk and a chair across from him, so he found it fitting that a woman walked in with papers and a vicious glare directed at him. She laid the papers and folders down on the desk and began to question him. He always answered with a "no," or "I don't know," and she clearly didn't believe him. Salem watched as she pulled out pictures of him walking towards the gym in his armor and she then played a video taken by a student just before Salem killed her. The girl was pleading for her life, but Salem put his blade through her chest and kept going.

"I don't know where those videos came from, ma'am, but I was in ISD when this happened, and when I walked over there I saw my girlfriend on the floor in a pool of blood. The police found me cradling her body, and plus that video is blurry and could've been anyone."

The woman looked reluctant to believe him, but the quality of the video was indeed poor, so she lost that evidence along with the pictures of the same quality. He was released not long after, but he had to move to a new school since he killed all the students and staff of his old one. Walking home was a chore for Salem, as the families of his many victims lined the streets and threw insults at him left and right. "You fucking monster," a mother shouted at him. "She was your friend for so long! Why would you do that to her!?"

Salem stopped dead in his tracks, causing the angry crowd to grow uneasy as he turned to face Krystal's mother. His right eye was still black, despite the absence of his armor and weapon, and his hair had become noticeably silver compared to the usual brown.

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"I have no words for a failure of a mother like you. Your daughter died because she didn't know how to keep her mouth shut and leave people alone."

Salem's face remained unchanged as the defeated mother fell to her knees and began to sob, causing the crowd to grow angrier. They were silenced, however, when Salem glared at them and they noticed his eye. He continued his walk home begrudgingly as the memory of seeing the life drain from Natalie's eyes repeatedly flashed through Salem's mind like a curse. He made it home and summoned his blades, a new ability he had unfortunately come to know after the massacre a day ago. He ran his fingers across the chains, his hate for them becoming more apparent to him as he did so. It's this power's fault for killing her. If I had never gotten it I would've never met her and she wouldn't have died. He thought to himself as he began to rip them from his arms. The process was painful as the chains were seared into his flesh, but his hatred for himself and the power he had been given pushed him on and he eventually tore the chains from his skin. Salem was bleeding heavily from his arms, so he wrapped gauze around the wounds on each arm and put the blades underneath his bed..

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