3 Breaking Point

"Salem, you're here today because I've gotten some reports from two people who say you've threatened them."

"And who might they be, ma'am?"

"I can't tell you, but I am giving you ISD and--"

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"I'm sorry," Salem interrupted. "On what basis are you dishing out punishment? So just because they said I did something with no proof I automatically get ISD? I haven't spoken a word to them since last summer!"

It was here that he noticed Josh and Krystal sitting in the chairs beside him.

"You two may leave," the Vice Principal told Josh and Krystal.

It was not as hard for Salem as it was for others to notice lies and such, so he became even angrier when he heard Krystal snicker on her way out the door. This enraged Salem as he realized they were heading to an assembly for the entire school about internet safety.

"I don't like your attitude Salem. Go to the ISD room and you have three days."

Salem was now practically shaking with anger.

"I won't conform to your fucking system where I get in trouble for shit I didn't do! I'd rather burn!"

Salem's weaponry appeared and that along with his eye burned brighter than ever before. The Vice Principal had no time to move out of the way as Salem's blade cut through her like a hot knife through butter, and he walked outside towards the gymnasium where the assembly was being held. The returning thought of Krystal and Josh enraged him even more as he got closer and closer, and he was suddenly covered in armor everywhere below his head. Another blade appeared his left hand and he pushed open the door as the chains wrapped around his left forearm and his left eye turned black and lit up like the other one. Salem had become faster than even the fastest man on Earth, and he used this speed to jump from person to person slicing and dicing them with no remorse or regret, but rather joy. It's all their fault for helping create this bullshit system. He thought to himself as he justified his killing and he made sure that the last few people also included the traitors.

"Salem, I--"

Salem decapitated Josh before he could plead and he fed Krystal her own ovaries. There was one person alive after Krystal, so he picked her up and plunged his blade into her gut. It was not until she weakly said his name that he recognized her voice.


It was Natalie, his girlfriend, and the full weight of what he'd done crashed down on him like a truck. He pulled his blade out and fell to his knees with her back on them. Everything on him disappeared except the clothes he was wearing and only his right eye remained black due to the anger he felt towards himself. He cried blood out of his black eye as Natalie put her hand up to his face and then let it fall to the river of blood below them. Salem looked up at the destruction he had caused. Bodies and various body parts littered the gym floor and bleachers. The white walls had gotten a new blood red paint job and the gym floor was an ocean of blood. Salem could do nothing but weep in remorse over what he had done in his rage without thinking. The police eventually showed up and he was brought in for questioning..

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