1 Bench Fire

Nolan, Cole for short woke up suddenly and rubbed his sore neck. He was confused for a minute on where he was. He was on an airplane, he flying back home from his last assignment.

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"Nolan," a man said in front of him. It was another HOHQ member. He held out a cream folder towards Cole. "We've landed. As promised, here is your next assignment." Cole looked sustained for a split second as he opened the folder. Cole was a very good looking male. He was top A-hunter. The HQ gave him a private plane as a thank you for his hard work in busting arcane underworld bosses. He was assigned again to bust up a UHST, find the leader, and get information about who he worked for. "Let us know what you find," the male across from him stated. Cole stood up and walked out of the plane where his luggage was being placed in an Uber. "They're taking you to your hotel. Good luck," the male said from behind him.


Damien, simply he was a vampire. He worked with the UHST for about a year, and is an acquaintance with the boss of UHST and is a major part of the UHST. At first he was forced to work for them, but after some time, he continued to work there. He is big, 6'1" to be exact, he is also big in weight, though he is strong. On important missions, he carried an axe, but now, he rarely does, one thing is for sure, he is slow, and sometimes trust people too much. His overall opinion on the HOHQ is that, he didn't really have any, he didn't hate them, nor did he like them.

He was currently at a hotel where he could stay for the night. He decided to keep his trusty axe in his room, and left the door to 'Do not disturb.' He had his suit and is ready for his meeting with the UST. He walks down the stairs of the hotel and begins walking out.


Cole walked into the hotel, the same one as Damien was staying at. He was about 5'10. A person working at the hotel followed him with his bags. He turned to give the male a command when he suddenly walked straight into Damien and with his strength, managed to push the male to the floor and he stumbled with him.

"I am so- my apologies," he said quickly and moved off the male. "I was not looking at where I was going!" He explained. He froze up as he noticed small features hard to catch but was normal for him. This was a vampire- in his hotel. He stood up and gave the male a hand to help him. "It won't happen again," he promised.


The Vampire then smiled and said, "It's fine, don't worry about it." He has a surprisingly husky voice, well for a vampire.

He took the hand and got himself up. He seemed oddly familiar to the guy you were after, but it must be a coincidence. He then walks off with his suitcase for work, and enters in the car without saying a word. He wore a suit that was quite fashionable, and was probably going to a meeting.


Cole was wearing casual attire since he had been on a plane so long. He made sure to dress comfortably. A nice gray tshirt, coriander twill jogger pants, and black loafers. His hair was a light ash blonde, and his eyes were golden. His body was slim but he was a lot stronger than he looked.

When the male was out of Cole's sight he turned on the employee standing by with his bag and snapped about getting to his room quicker. It wasn't long before he was signed it, keyed, and shown to his lavish hotel room.

The room was like a little apartment. A bedroom, living room, kitchenette, bathroom, and balcony was set up in expensive furniture. He put his clothes away in the dressers and closets and got to work on reading the area cases concealed in the envelope.

A quarter past midnight, he decided to quit the studying. He was ready to case the area himself. He had to find someone- a vampire and ask some questions. He carefully hid the envelope under the mattress. He threw on a black overcoat for nightwear. It was chilly at night and started a midnight walk to a local sight where many people have gone missing, a park. The cases were morning kidnappings so he felt better about going at midnight.


Before the huge male walked off, Cole got a good look at him. He has pale skin, red eyes, and almost sharp teeth, he has curly brown hair. He overall looked like the opposite of Cole.

He then entered the building, most meetings were set to midnight due to no one being up at that hour to notice. The tiny secretary behind the desk sees Damien walk in as she says, "Good night, mister Patterson."

"You know the drill Becky, burn all the papers, destroy everything, and run, escape through the trap door. Counting on you Becky." The male said to the smaller women. She looked to be a Hybrid of a siren with a human. If Cole could see her, he would recognize her as a reject to the HOHQ.

"I am ready sir!" She says as she is prepared for everything. Damien smiles to her, ruffles her hair a bit, and goes up to do his meeting as she sits as the front desk.


Midway through the park, Cole found a dead girl sitting on the bench- drained of blood and her body still warm. He had checked her pulse and let her go in slight disappointment he had let another soul be lost because he wasn't sooner. "I better call the police," he said cleverly. But he knew someone was watching him. A vampire behind the tree line. He was playing the role of an innocent human. His first attempt to find out about the location of HOHQ.

When the female vampire went in for a kill- her body moving before the speed of light- Cole was able to capture the moment before the strike. He gutted her with a knife he carried when she was in reach. Her stomach up to her throat fell exposed. She was in shock and he striked once again- this time kicking her in the head. Her body flung into the bunch and crunched it. The strike put her unconscious. Hunters were genetically modified to be stronger than humans so they could take down a supernatural in a fair combat situation. Inside his overcoat, he pulled out a set of handcuffs and cuffed her to the bench. The cuffs started to fry her skin. Silver. He slapped her conscious then. "Who do you work for?" He asked as his interrogation began. "Do you know where I can find the UHST warehouses?" Most of their stock was kept in warehouses, he's noticed over his cases. Each time the girl refused to answer him or give no information, he cut her arm. Starting from shoulder to wrist vertically. The sun was coming up and she was a low leveled vampire- a fledgling he noticed. She didn't give him information and he watched her burn alive- the flames took over the bench and the body beside her.