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Read Arcana Legends novel written by the author Arcana_Legends on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering action, adventure, fantasy, magic, shounen. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


On Hiatus. Naturalism is the power to use arcana to shape the world around you and it's Daimyon's time to learn how to use this power. He enrolls at West Gaia Academy to start this long journey where he meets a shy girl named Kiyonna who holds incredible hidden power and is immediately thrust into protecting her from the dangerous Shadow Walkers. On the brightside Bones "The Spirit Reaper" decided to take him under his wing and train him. He'll protect his friends at any cost unless Bones training kills him first. Also, published on Tapas and Royalroad.com


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It seems as if it's not uncommon for authors to review their own novels so we'll go ahead and do the same. This novel is kind of our take on the shonen genre of anime and I think while the novel isn't out to be completely unique it is out to execute the genre well. The biggest draw to the series is that its a first-person narrative that switches perspective often and while it only has one actual MC it's a story where most characters are built to be the MC's of their own stories. So, tell us your favorites so we know who's story to tell next. It's a little bit of a slow burn but forgive us. We want to make sure the foundation we build here can carry us through many different stories and not just this one. Thanks for reading and we're looking forward to hearing your feedback.


REVIEW Narration: Decent and immersive Worldbuilding: Vast and detailed Character development: Nice and steady Character design: Outstanding Dialogues: Realistic and Lifelike Pacing: Not fast nor too slow Writing quality: Magnificent Execution of the Genre: Good pitch Story potential: High Updating Stability: Steady MESSAGE Now, this is a published work from a native speaker of English! I am very happy to meet one! Such an honour! I am so happy to read it as it was a roller coaster ride of twist and turns of emotions! Amazing work! Realistic first-person narration, Exciting to read and wanted to to crave for more and fluidity on its finest! ADVICE None, the author was a better writer than me. Kudos!



I aw this novel before and took a glimpse inside their world. I really love the concept and the information told by the author. It even have an awesome book cover! I will definitely place this inside my library~


It's written really well. It might be beneficial to have a longer first chapter, as well as something to preface the intro, but the world's unique, and the story is solid.


I like the power system that he has when he talks about introducing it and it's something that I never heard of yet but it might be something like Ki or life force but a little Greek myth in there from the constellation and also the flow in the prologue was like WOW! I don't see that many errors but I read the prelude and a little bit of chapter 2 so I don't know. If so I hope it not any big mistake but I added this to the library for the meantime and give it more of a read. Keep it up, Author.


The book is intriguing. The way the writer writes gives a vivid picture in my head, I can visualise it. I love the title, the prologue, the MC, and everything else about the book. If deserves a higher rating.


This is a very interesting fantasy book with a unique setting. I really like how the author describes scenes with lots of imagery, and the fight scenes are awesome! The writing itself is also on-point and reads smoothly. The plot is well-written and makes you want to keep reading to find out what happens next. 10/10 would recommend!


1st point of view is top-tier to me when it comes to writing. The author's writing is great, immersed me so much. readers would be hooked just by reading the prologue and the title. give this a read, everyone. Love the title by the way


This story deserves five stars, no doubt! Love how the plot is put together and the fantasy feel is sooo attractive along with amazing use of first person Pov being the icing on the cake!! This novel is definitely going far, keep in up Author-San!


This story totally got me all fawning. I like how the plot is written. Quite good, I must say. I totally feel that author has done quite great justice to the plot.


1st POVs are my jam. And this novel is seriously a gem. The writing style was pretty good and it was decently paced. I didn't find errors and as I was used to seeing awkward prose for so long, this really felt refreshing to me. Highly recommended


I love it!!! I haven't read much books about magic systems and such, but I was really invested in your book. The ending of the first chapter made me super hyped up, and I couldn't wait to read the next chapter. Your characters seem really developed as well, and they didn't overlap— in other words each had their own individuality and originality which is amazing for a novel. The writing was pretty good overall, except the minor verb tense shifts (meaning you would sometimes shift from past to present tense). But I honestly really loved it so far, and I definitely think this novel has potential. Awesome work!!!


Nice novel, from what I've read so far, the magic system introduced feels reliable for now. Though I can't say much on it right now since this is still the early stages of the novel. Grammar: better than most, that being said maybe I'm just a little slow but sometimes I find myself confused as to who is speaking, because of the way the paragraphs are structured. Other than that it's a good read.


Really cool novel! I enjoyed reading about the magic system, and I personally really like first person perspective, so that was a big plus for me. It's very interesting and I'm interested to see where it will go in the future. Definitely has potential!


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