26 New Discoveries

"Yes we have found a few new tribes hidden in the mountains and the great forest" Demiurge said

"Oh? What species are they." I asked him.

"Well, we have two Oni tribes and one tribe of giants and one tribe of only female Orcs."



(fem Orcs)

"Were there any trouble with introducing them into the empire?"

"No my lord they were surprisingly eager."

"Anything else to report?"

"We have also discovered a vast desert beyond what used to be the Dragonic kingdom. It will most likely take time before we have detailed reports about it."

"While interesting. Right now we will just focus on the Saderan Empire."

"Yes my lord. If that is all would you like to know what has happened on the political scene while you were away?"

No. I will let you take care of everything for now I want you to learn from this and be ready if we would need to divide our attention on new territory or enemy so you and albedo would take the reigns from shadow."

"I understand."

"You can leave now."

He bowed and left.

'Well, now that I'm alone with my thoughts I could look into the system and ready some plans for when the Gate opens.'

'Shop' I thought and then a translucent panel appeared in front of me.

'Hmm, what cloud I use for the conquest of the modern world?'

'What's this?' I saw something in my inbox.

'For your first time in the shop, you get a random reward. Do you accept?' System asked me.

'Ah hell, why not.' I thought as I clicked on accept.

Congratulations you have received the 'Mass Effect' world to be added into the world you can conquer.

'WHAT THE F/CK is this. How is that a reward the Gate world modern or not doesn't have any technologies that could help me in that universe.'

'Alright let's hope the shop has something. I should start with space ships maybe?'

Category: Vehicles










'Proto-spaceships? What's that?' I chose this subcategory.

'Alright let's start with the Cheapest.'

'The Hell is this.'

Heavily modified Quinjet

Price: 1 500 000 SP

(A/n: SP - stands for system points)

'And where am I supposed to get this many points when I only have the 10 000SP for completing the tutorial?'

'I don't even want to know just how much is the cheapest spaceship.'

'System Help me a little'

'System can issue a quest for the user to get points from. The user can also increase the difficulty of a world he has to conquer to increase the points he will get for completing the world.'

'Alright, system how does the increasing of difficulty work?'

'Either the entire world will be powered up by a few levels or the user will spin a wheel on which world will be merged to the chosen world.'

'Ok let's do it. System Spin the wheel.'

"Begin" Issued the same monotone voice of the system.



"Congratulations you have chosen 'Harry Potter' world"

"Merging worlds....merging successful. The modern side of GATE merged with Harry Potter world."

'I just wanna cry right now.'

'System can I increase the difficulty again?'

'Since the host didn't yet finish his tutorial world. He cannot increase the difficulty again.'

"But the system can issue a quest that could help the host get the points he needs."

'Alright do it.' I answered the

'At this point, I don't have anything else to lose.' I said to myself.

"Issuing Quest.... Quest Issued."

1. Conquer the modern-day world without going into a full-blown war.

explanation- You cannot just march your armies and conquer the modern-day world the old school way. You will have to be more cunning than that.

'Well that could have been worse' I thought to myself.

"Because this is still a tutorial world host can ask for systems help when he wants to start the modern-day world conquest. By that time more detailed explanation of the help will be given."

'Alright thanks system that's enough for today.'

'Well looks like I will have to write down a plan for the conquest of the GATE/Harry potter world.'

'I need a vacation.'


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