Aram: The Detective With Superpowers Book

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Aram: The Detective With Superpowers


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The world in which Aram lives treats him in the cruelest way. The received third superpower does not allow him to live. He can feel how a person was dying only by touching a corpse. In a world ruled by the military, detectives, and journalists, will Aram be able to find out the secret of the murder of his parents, become a good detective and expose the terrorist organization that has held their country at gunpoint for several years? In this novel, you will encounter mysteries, deaths, adventures of Reia, David, Ksyu, Aram, and many others. There will be friendship, love, hatred, sorrow, self-doubt, and fear of loss. All this is under the sauce of action. Let's have this adventure together! Also, here is my Instagram (@missmydeective) and discord (https://discord.gg/FBuK3C2D). There I will post some visuals: how characters look like, and the drawings of the world! Let's do this together!


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