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What is Aqush

Read ‘Aqush’ Online for Free, written by the author Aqush_Hangsrong, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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The Undoer

[The Undoer: Supervillain Lich from Cape Society to a Fantasy World Unlike Anything!] For 2000 Years, I have fought this world’s champions… And for 2000 years, I had seen myself change… Finally, for 2000 years, I learned of defeat… The Undoer was a Psychic-based villain who had existed since the dawn of superpowers. He was the strongest psychic to ever exist with a mind so powerful he could not die. Time would rewound itself if he so-willed. Even old age could not get him. When his body decayed, his mind would remain, imbued to what was left of his skeleton— proving his ghost to be eternal. Only after 2000 years had the Heroes of Humanity been able to defeat him— though they were not able to kill him, they were able to exile him somewhere as far away as possible from Earth. “Yes, I have tasted defeat. But it is fine. This was only a temporary setback… My plans have not changed. Oh, my lovely daughter… No matter how long it would take, I shall resurrect you!” ~~~ GMT+8; scheduled upload is every 7:00 AM Monday to Saturday. ~~~ [Character Profile— Name: Ivan Montano Alias: The Undoer Type: Psychic Motivation: Resurrect his daughter, and pursue a happy life. Threat Level: Continental. Appearance: White skeleton exuding purple aura, and wears a dark robe. Recorded Feats: destroyed multiple countries, created undead via telepathy, mind controlled an entire city and possibly a country (latter was unconfirmed), melted a brain from extreme distance, —omitted hundred several feats recorded over the past two millennia (see more). Defeated: Year 4027, December 13. The Heroes of Humanity employed the Exile Strategy to finally get rid of The Undoer once and for all. Two centuries ago, a clairvoyant by the name of Sarah Mendez had learned of the unique telepathic variant ability of The Undoer to turn back time. More studies were conducted on how to deal with The Undoer. It had been deemed that the superpowers needed for the strategy were mainly hypnotic sleep, teleportation, telepathy, and specific mind-resilient abilities. Over 800 psychics from three generations had been gathered for the operation. Cutting-edge technology was also employed for the operation: power nullifiers, mind dampeners, electro-static shields, nth barriers, warp enhancers, psychic multipliers, and micro-healing. Along with 800 psychics and the Nine Pillars of Humanity, The Undoer had been subdued for a short second— using the teleporter-class psychics as axis and with the support of the provided technology, the operation to exile The Undoer had succeeded. To where? No one knew. Casualty report: Five of the Nine Pillars of Humanity, 728 Psychics, and over 81,622 civilians.]

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Stellar Ascension: Rhythm of the Cosmic Frontier

In the expansive realm of the Imperial Stellar Dominion, three celestial Emperors reign supreme: Protostar, Sunfire, and White Dwarf. Their rule spans across regions, from the technologically sublime Pulsar Provinces to the mineral-rich Meteor Marches. Powerful factions, like the Voyagers of the Nova Pulse Order and the mysterious Seekers of the Black Horizon Order, enforce their cosmic mandates. Yet, there exists a place beyond their grasp: the Unknown Reaches. This lawless frontier, strewn with the ruins of long-lost alien empires, is a refuge for outlaws, fortune-seekers, and those desperate to escape the emperors' rule. Amidst the intrigue of the cosmos, we find our protagonist, Caden Driver. A young Star Seeker from the Oracles of the Quantum Echo Order, Caden was chosen from his home in the Nebula Expanse for his unique aptitude in cultivation. Now, he must navigate the complex power dynamics of his Order, the political undercurrents of the System Assemblies, and the ambitions of the Emperors. Armed with the mysterious and powerful techniques, Caden embarks on a journey that will test his resolve and push his abilities to their limit. From exploring the vibrant nebulae and understanding the enigma of black holes, to striving to ascend the ranks within his Order and uncovering the secrets of the ancient ruins, Caden will encounter both the awe-inspiring beauty and lurking dangers of the universe. His journey of cultivation, exploration, and discovery will not only transform him but could also reshape the very destiny of the Imperial Stellar Dominion.

Vonscott_Bair · Sci-fi
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337 Chs
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