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Appetite! [BL]


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What is Appetite! [BL]

Appetite! [BL] is a popular web novel written by the author Phodoodles, covering COOKING, FOOD, SHOUNEN AI, AGE GAP, SLICE OF LIFE, BOYS LOVE, MODERN, DRAMA, Realistic Fiction genres. It's viewed by 26.9K readers with an average rating of 0/5 and 6 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 26 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


*****BL/YAOI/MATURE WARNING:***** -MAY CONTAIN THE FOLLOWING THEMES- -BDSM, SEX TOYS, DEPRESSION, EXHIBITIONISM, ALCOHOL/DRUG USE- -DUBIOUS CONSENT, SEXUAL ASSAULT, NON CONSENSUAL & ABUSE- PLEASE READ AT YOUR OWN RISK AND MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY. ******************************************** Ein Schmidt was disowned from his family due to his orientation 22 years ago. He now leads a successful life, he's the assistant manager and corporate secretary for Hotel Citron, a 1st class, international hotel based in London. Although his career was flourishing, Ein had lived a solitary life for two decades. But then, a day before his 40th birthday, spring came knocking on Ein's door, and slowly Ein started to open his heart... ~~~~~ Henry's golden irises radiated in the dark night, the cool wind blew gently and Ein watched his blond hair gracefully sway along. He then slowly reached for Ein's left hand, held it delicately and pressed it to his lips to give a kiss. "I don't care what you are, or how old you are... You're you, Ein. And... I loved you for who you are." ~~~~~ Updates will be x2 a week, Every Tuesdays and Saturdays. Before 5 PM EST ~~~~~


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One of the few great mature contents out here. Writing - impeccable like Ein's attendance. I just love reading proses with good grammar Stability - hope this'll be actively updated coz its really good Development - I like the pacing, though I was quite overwhelmed by the length of the first chapter. But it was an excellent intro, nonetheless Characters - they are a beautiful bunch Background - the best part here is the realistic approach of the author towards the community of the near future


Poor Ein. I got wrapped up in this book. It's good. I really like the fact that the author has checked spelling and grammar. It's a pet peeves of mine after all.


Love the friendship portrayed between Monique and Ein.........felt sympathy towards Ein going through all those harsh characters... and yea ..the development of the novel is very good.Overall good novel💜


Ein is the kind of character it's impossible not to feel sympathetic towards. He has had a very rough life, and his past trauma still affects his life even years later. I want things to go well for him, and hope that he finds the mental help he needs, however despite the hopeful dialogue and cheerful conversations with his friends, there's this feeling of inner turmoil to Ein, and a sense of foreboding to the narrative that gives off the feeling that things might not improve quite that easily. I like the supporting characters, and their cheerful nature provides a nice balance for Ein's bleak inner monologue. The novel is still in its early stages and I'm curious to know more about Matthew, what happened to him after the assault on Ein, and about the mysterious Henry who is very much a question mark at this point, regarding his intentions towards Ein. I also really like the food themes running through the novel, I personally love it when the food descriptions are brought up. I would recommend relying less on onomatopoeia, it's distracting and it breaks the flow of the narrative. It's better to describe the sounds, or to incorporate the sound in a descriptive sentence, for instance, "the elevator arrived on the third floor with a loud clank." There are some minor tense irregularities, but I think some revision would iron out those small mistakes. Overall, I think this a story with a very interesting premise, and the potential to be great if the extent of Ein's trauma is properly explored and addressed on the coming chapters. Whether his path will lead to recovery or further trauma remains to be seen, as it's too early to tell, but the journey has the potential of making for a very engaging and interesting story. Keep up the good work!


Reveal spoiler


Hello! I noticed some *pow* *beep beep* like this actions, I recommend it if you change it into descriptions. Don't just tell us what is happening, like that sounds or whatever it is, show us what is happening. I also like your synopsis, it's really catchy, and the 1st chapter revealed to be interesting! 💕


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