Apotheosis: The Morningstar kitsune Book

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Apotheosis: The Morningstar kitsune


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On the Xia Continent, multiple fantastic beasts and powerful cultivators exist. Their immense power is capable of shattering mountains and emptying oceans. On this continent lives Lucifer Morningstar, an unfortunate youth who is unable to cultivate and wield such immense power. He could only powerlessly look up to others and watch as they soared to heights unseen. In another part of the universe lived Lucifer, a young teen who was deemed an orphan as he never knew his parents in a modern cultivation-less world. In the same universe lies a dormant soul yearning to be reunited with its counterparts. Two of the souls were fortunate to merge, bringing Lucifer and Lucifer Morningstar together making them one. The question is… what happens when three souls merge. After the two souls merge, Lucifer stumbled upon a fortuitous encounter with a mysterious object, allowing Lucifer to be able to cultivate. One yearned never to feel powerless again, the other regain his status at the top; these two philosophies merge making Lucifer set out on a cultivation path filled with danger, bloodshed, and excitement. Utilizing powerful cultivation arts found within the mysterious object, Lucifer sets out to write his legend and reach the apotheosis as the Morningstar Kitsune.


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