Apocalyptic DungeonApocalyptic Dungeon

Apocalyptic Dungeon

by Shadowshot

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Hale was your everyday ordinary 21st century college graduate. He finished school and then immediately couldn't find a job, so he had to work as a barista at a local coffee shop while applying for a career. As a business management major, he couldn't even become a manager of the local coffee shop without having any prior working experience. All of this changed one day when he was playing a video game, and a survey popped up asking if he was open to a new opportunity. His fate would be determined. --- Dungeon Building and Apocalypse come head to head with one another in this novel. Lots of stats and lots of kingdom/dungeon building. --- First novel, thank you for stopping by! Please leave any comments or criticisms that you have, as I would like to improve my story and content as I begin my journey. Thank you!

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