Apocalypse Book

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Ariella one of the survivor in the oblivion apocalypse, in one night over half of the human population worldwide, died from creatures that sprouted underground. These creatures are called the Oblivion, their appearance is like a black mist with two blue glowing eyes, with four arms. Their ability is to take any kind of shape however only the shape, not the color or anything else. These creature are supposedly sealed in Japan country, and yet Oblivions sprouted again. It's been two centuries since the near extinction of humans. The oblivion weakness is light, any kind of form of light, however, this weakness is only to ward them off. Humans invented a weapon to erase the Oblivion, called Exist. Humans invented a time travel machine, but it can only travel one person and an object. First, they decided to put a notebook with notes, with dates about what will happen in their future and also a warning about a girl who will travel back in time to change the future or prepare them for what is coming. In that note is also has a way to communicate with that said girl. Ariella is chosen to travel back time and gathered four people that have survived with her.


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