Apocalypse Rebirth: Beauties Surround Me

Elijah unexpectedly travels back to the day when the virus broke out. Confronted with his zombified roommate and the perilous situation of the roommate's girlfriend, he decides to take action. In this post-apocalyptic world, he vows to become the strongest man and create an incredibly secure refuge. The story begins with Elijah's rebirth as he discovers the opportunity to change the future. He becomes close companions with his roommate Bella and her husband Alexander. However, when Alexander is infected and turns into a zombie, Elijah must act decisively to protect himself and Bella. Elijah awakens to a supernatural ability called the "Seed of Consciousness," which allows him to control zombies, becoming his weapon for survival. He uses this power to strengthen himself continuously and seek the path of survival. However, his relationship with Bella starts to undergo subtle changes, forcing him to confront emotional challenges. As the story unfolds, readers will immerse themselves in gripping plots and complex character relationships. Elijah's growth, struggles, and emotional development with numerous women in the post-apocalyptic world form the core of the story. It's a world full of challenges and opportunities, and Elijah's narrative is about continuous growth and overcoming oneself, showing readers the hardships of surviving in the apocalypse and the complexity of human nature.

nzxhh · Sci-fi
Not enough ratings
214 Chs

I'll wait for you to come back

"Water and gas are both out!" Bella pursed her lips, feeling her throat extremely dry.

Luckily, she had prepared some water yesterday... It's all thanks to this man that I was prepared in advance!

Bella glanced at Elijah and noticed his gaze was slightly strange, as if he was staring straight at her.

Bella lowered her head slightly and realized her attire was inappropriate.

Last night was too hot, so she changed her short-sleeved shirt to a silk camisole, without wearing a bra...

Bella's face flushed suddenly, and she immediately ran back to her room.

Elijah watched the waves and flames in his heart, took a big gulp of water to suppress his impulse.

Bella closed her room door and leaned against it, feeling a bit relieved. Just a bit too revealing!

Bella looked at herself, a trace of shyness flashing across her face.

But then she thought to herself, what's the big deal?

It's not like I'm wearing a swimsuit... Screw it!

She sat on the edge of the bed, took a sip of water, trying to comfort herself, but Elijah's burning gaze kept flashing through her mind.

She had noticed before that Elijah would stare at her legs, but his gaze had been rather subtle then, unlike these past few days where he seemed completely unrestrained.

With the arrival of the apocalypse, he seemed like a different person. Of course, it could also be because she didn't know him well enough before.

Bella took a deep breath, walked into the bathroom, and used some of the water she had prepared yesterday to quickly clean herself up.

After finishing her morning routine, Bella hesitated for a moment, then changed into a slightly loose pair of sweatpants, tidied herself up, and walked out of the room.

Elijah was still exercising. Bella couldn't help but feel a bit self-conscious. Does he not like my outfit?

Bella subconsciously thought to herself, feeling a hint of secret joy in her heart!

"Have you had breakfast?" Bella asked him.

"I have. With the gas out, we can't cook anymore. Just have something light," Elijah said, finishing a set of Golden Elephant Body Forging Technique exercises and taking a short break.

"What about later? The preserved food won't last forever!" Bella looked worried.

"I'll go out tomorrow and see if I can collect anything useful," Elijah said.

"We still have plenty to eat. There's no need to go out so soon!" Bella tried to dissuade him. What if he doesn't come back?

"I know, but we need more than just food. Right now, what we lack the most is water," Elijah paused and continued

"Although we've stocked up some, I train every day, sweating a lot, and need a lot of water. "

"The water we have at home won't last long for the both of us. Plus, I'm not acting recklessly."

" I plan to clean up the hallway first and lock the doors to the units downstairs. That way, at least this building will be safe."

"We can make a fire in the hallway later for cooking, which is safer than in the apartment and won't risk setting anything on fire!"

Without gas and electricity, there's always the most primitive method of chopping wood and making fire.

But there are too many flammable materials in the room, and a little carelessness could cause a disaster.

Elijah had seen entire buildings burned down due to indoor fires in his past life. It's much safer in the hallway, with iron stair railings and nothing flammable.

Bella pursed her lips, her worried expression not diminishing, but she didn't say anything more.

"Also, don't just pour the water from washing down the drain in the future. Keep it for flushing the toilet," Elijah added.

Apartment buildings have this downside. Once the water and power are cut off, the hardest part is using the toilet.

If it can't be cleaned in time and the toilet gets blocked, the room will soon become uninhabitable.

That's why most of the survivors gathered in areas near water sources, such as villas, low-rise buildings, or bungalows.

In areas with towering skyscrapers, it became a paradise for zombies. Elijah had made plans early on.

As long as he survived the viral outbreak period, he could go to the place he had already scoped out.

There was water, electricity, and many rooms. As long as he controlled that place, he could quickly recruit people and expand his influence.


Bella went to the kitchen to make herself some food, while Elijah continued his training.

When Bella finished eating, she started practicing the movements she had learned yesterday.

Elijah would also give pointers when he took breaks, but he couldn't help but feel a bit less motivated without seeing Bella's white, shapely thighs.

Bella quickly grasped the tricks and performed the movements with finesse, but because she wasn't an awakened body, the effects weren't as pronounced.

On the other hand, Elijah, after intense training, became even more powerful.

Furniture like tables, chairs, coffee tables, and washing machines in the house were moved around by him as if he were playing.

A whole day passed quietly in the continuous cycle of training and rest.

 Although Bella had to take breaks twice to prepare meals for Elijah, which meant she didn't train for too long, she still felt incredibly tired.

After dinner, she simply wiped herself down and quickly fell asleep in her room.

The next morning, Bella woke up feeling more refreshed than ever before.

 "Seems like it really works, at least I slept well!"

 Bella felt joyful, but thinking about Elijah going out today made her feel a bit flustered and worried.

As she left her room, she hesitated for a moment. In the end, she didn't wear sweatpants but instead opted for the most comfortable shorts she had.

In the living room, Elijah's eyes lit up when he saw Bella coming out. Under the sunlight, her slender legs were dazzling. Huh? Shorts...

On the third day of the apocalypse, Elijah still woke up early.

Today he didn't rush to exercise, but instead had a hearty meal and began preparing to go out.

He was still dressed in a combat jacket and jeans, with the magazines wrapped around his arms still intact.

The long-handled umbrella was no longer suitable for him; it was too lightweight.

But there were no better weapons available, so he had to make do with it.

The sheep's horn hammer at his waist had been cleaned, and besides that, he also packed some other things that might come in handy.

Things like ropes, fruit knives, and so on.

Finally, he slung a large empty backpack on his back, so if he could collect any supplies, he would have something to carry them in.

Once he was fully dressed, Bella came out of her room.

"Are you... getting ready to go out?" Bella's eyes were initially evasive, but when she saw Elijah's attire, she immediately became concerned.

"Yes!" Elijah glanced at her shorts and smiled brightly. "You look very nice today!"

Bella blushed slightly and dared not look at him, stuttering, "Um... take care, I'll... I'll wait for you to come back!"

"Don't worry, for your sake, I'll make sure to come back safely too!" Elijah said, then walked to the entrance door.

He didn't rush to open the door but instead looked through the peephole first.

Alexander had caused quite a stir that day, and since he had run all the way back, it was difficult to say if there weren't any zombies following him.

The peephole had limited visibility, but he could roughly see if there were any figures nearby the door.

Once he confirmed there were no zombies outside, Elijah cautiously opened the door.

Bella nervously watched his every move, relieved only when she saw there were no zombies outside.

Instead of immediately closing the door, Elijah looked around first, ready to retreat if something seemed off.

They were in a multi-story building, with six floors in total and no elevator. Each floor had two units, and they were on the fifth floor.