1 Prologue 1/3

Johny Chaos was born in a small town names Vayl´s and Johny enjoyed his childhood wholeheartedly until he reached the age of 6.

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In the early morning, the family went to the amusement park, and Johny was filled with anticipation and happiness because that was always his dream.

Johny heard a lot about the amusement park and the most he wants to enjoy was the roller coaster(specially designed for kids).

As the family stands in front of the giant shield "Welcome to the Wonderland Amusement Park"

The family Chaos had a lot of fun especially Johny.

In the afternoon drove the family Chaos to there home.

The next morning visited Johnny to his first time the elementary school.

Johnny was a little bit nervous about his first school day, as Johny enters the school he was directly welcomed by his new female teacher. She was in her fifties and looks like an old warmhearted woman.

She advised the direction of the classroom to Johny. Johny nodded with a smile and was on his way to his new classroom.

Johny was very happy about the actual situation but this last not for long.

As Johny enters the classroom he saw around twenty kids.

The kids all glanced Johny with a nasty smile on there face as they would devourer Johny in any given moment.

Johny was startled and could not move.

A group of 5 kids approaches slowly the new kid that still standstill at the door entrance.

One kid goes in front of Johny and slaps him without a reason in the face of Johny before Johny could react his class teacher stands behind him and asks for an explanation.

The group of the 5 kids directly starts to explain that it was all Johny´s fault.

Johny was taken by surprise and could not utter one word.

The class teacher looks sternly to Johny and was overtaken by this sight.

He could not believe the 5 kids.

But before the class teacher could ask Johny about the situation he said whimpered that was his fault and he has to blame for that.

The teacher was taken by surprise by this outcome and so he said to himself that he would pay a closer look to Johny.

Johny felt inwardly a heat upcoming, his hands slightly trembled and a take a huge gulp from his salvia. Johny experienced to his first time this weird feeling. This feeling was no other than disdain.

The next day Johny was again bullied but not the same guy's previously but other "classmates".

So all his classmates were against him for an unknown reason, maybe the just need a victim to be bullied for their fun.

Johny endured it 2 whole years until his breakpoint stands before.

The father of Johny was gently and a warm-hearted man in his thirties.

Johny's father´s name is Kai.

He works in a little warehouse. He was happy with his job but his salary was not high but was enough with the income of his wife.

His wife works in a little company as a manager.

His wife name is Claudia

Once day Claudia got very late home from her work and this repeated it often.

In the beginning, it was online 1 of 10 times but soon it was 5 of 10 times and so on it continues to increase.

The reason why Claudia got often late home was not because of her work but because of her new lover.

Kai asks Claudia why she would often come too late but he always got the same answer and thas was no other than, "why do you care about it? It's my thing when I come home and not yours".

This scene repeated it not one time but more times.

2 weeks later.

Kai stalks his wife from early mornings to the evening and he found out that once his beloved wife had a new lover.

Somehow he was not really shocked but he feels sry for his son Johny.

The next day the lover of Claudia was pis*ed of Claudia because she does not want to break up with Kai and so on the lover visited the home of the family Chaos.

The name of the lover is George.

George is in his early forties and a regional thug and he hates to make his own hands dirty but this situation is special because it is about his love for Claudia.

The house looks like a typical American house.

On the right side is the living room and on the left side is the dining room and beneath is the kitchen, at the top is the bedroom and the kid's room.

So he stands in front of the house where the Chaos family lives and so breaks the door and rushes into the house.

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