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The long darkness seemed to have lasted for a moment and millions of years. Tang Shi had died in the hands of his half-brother and Lu Chuan, who had told repeatedly that he loved him. When Yan Xu saved Tang Shi with his own life, Tang Shi was betrayed by his team members when he finally escaped. One of the two team members was his brother and the other was his love. The two tied him to a tree, cut off his wrist artery, and let blood drip out. Before the aliens came, they took his heart out alive with a dagger. Before Tang Shi stopped breathing, his beloved brother told him everything and hid himself somewhere in distance to watch the aliens eating his flesh. Lu Chuan had never fallen in love with Tang Shi. When they were both in college, Lu Chuan pursued Tang Shi and pleased him every day trying to prove that how much he loved Tang Shi. It turned out that his ultimate goal was to obtain the ancestral treasure from Tang Shi's mother's family. The person assigned the mission to Lu Chuan was Tang Qi, Tang Shi’s brother! The pain of gouging his heart out was so overwhelming that it was already carved in his bone and soul. He would never forget it no matter how long time it was! He hated them so much! He regretted it very much! If it could happen again, he would never make the same choice! No matter how Lu Chuan knelt in front of him and begged him, he would never have agreed to date him! …… The breeze outside the window slowly blew into the room. The curtains were blown up in the air and the air was fresh. There was no smell of blood and rotting stench. Even though there was pollution and exhaust everywhere, it was much better than the breath of death at the end of the world. The seemly everlasting pain slowly faded away. Once his consciousness returned to his body, Tang Shi took a deep breath and opened his eyes. The first thing he saw was the familiar ceiling. Tang Shi turned over and stood up. He quickly grabbed the only weapon in his hand, the table lamp on the bedside table. It was a European style lamp and the lamp cover was metal, which was the only thing you could call it a weapon he could possibly grabbed. It is a habit developed by a man who have experienced the end of the world, never putting himself in a situation without any weapon in hands. Tang Shi vigilantly scanned the whole room. What he saw was decoration style that he was quite familiar with. He was fully aware that he was dead because his heart was taken away, and his flesh was eaten by aliens, leaving a pile of bones. But now he was alive again. What was going on? Rebirth? Or was the cruelty and pain he experienced just a nightmare? From what he saw in the room, Tang Shi chose the former. When he saw the calendar on the table, his tense nerves relaxed. Tang Shi put down the lamp and quickly walked to the table. He picked up the desk calendar and quickly flipped through it. Today was August 16th, 2016. He really was reborn and he was reborn prior to the beginning of the end of the world three years ago. No one who had experienced the end of the world would care less about their lives. Since Tang Shi had such a chance to live through it again, he would grab the chance. This time, he must be extra careful to choose whom he should trust. He would never become a cannon fodder anymore! Tang Shi tried his best to remember the past. On this very day three years ago, he had the most intense fight with Tang Minghai. It was true that he was gay, but he was not into any man or went out with any random man. Under Tang Qi's encouragement, he decided to accept Lu Chuan's pursuit and completely fall out with his family. Even though he was only 22 years old, he was still a man with a brave and dignified self. He swore impulsively that he would never ask Tang Minghai for a penny. Thankfully, he had graduated from university and could support himself with his salary. Therefore, he moved out of the house ever since.

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