1 Sudden Blue Vortex

"Master Gray, there are many kinds of awakenings such as: dominant and recessive. The so-called dominant is to know what your ability is after awakening, such as Mr. Zack's steel body, and the speed enhancement of the leader. Both became aware of their abilities after awakening, but recessive awakening requires certain conditions to be met in order to trigger their own abilities...."

"Leader Silver has unfortunately died under the mouth of the zombies, Master Gray, your ability has not awakened yet. I will act as the leader of the Glory base for a while and wait for you to awaken your ability and rise to the third level. Then I will return the leader position to you....."

"Hahaha, Gray, do you still think that you're the same young master of the place? Let me tell you a secret, this time, the task, is not just to search for materials, the leader gave me another hidden task, that is... to not let you go back alive!!!..."


Darkness, heat, thirst, hunger...

A person was lying on the ground. This person slowly opened his eyes.

When sleep is very light, many pictures will appear automatically in your mind, some are real, while others will be memories shown as dreams.

This person, or should he be called Gray! Just saw some bad memories he really doesn't want to see.

After opening his eyes, he looked around. The light is so dim around. From this, he could guess that it's midnight already.

It's been three years since the end of the world. Those three years were enough to paralyze the unused electrical equipment. Besides, even if they were used. There is no electricity in the city like before. And moving in the night in this mall without light to see anything. Is a very dangerous thing.

Gray cautiously raised his body and got up. Then he moved to the window's side and looked through the glass at the calm and silent field outside.

However, if you look closely, you will see a couple of emaciated shadows moving in a rigid way and at slow speed wandering around in this dim huge mall.

This mall is one of the largest malls in the city. It has many shops, like a Movie theater, home appliance stores, clothing stores. All kinds of stores exist here. Such a large shopping mall would be very lively if it was before the apocalypse. But unfortunately, there shouldn't be any other living creature than Gray in this big quiet mall.

"UGHH" A crying voice came from his stomach. He hasn't eaten or drunk anything for a couple of days already. He can feel the acid inside his stomach burning.

Gray looked around at the moving shadows. Those zombies are so quiet and calm. After two days of noise, finally, they calmed down.

Two days ago, Gray went out with a group from his survivors base whose mission is to search for materials. But because he doesn't have any power, those guys didn't listen to him and entered this dangerous mall. And Gray naturally has to follow the team leader's orders.

And the results?

Naturally, there was an accident.

When they entered the mall. Many zombies attacked them, But the number of zombies was much larger than they thought.

Gray as an ordinary person whose ability wasn't known till now, was completely useless for them. So they directly abandoned him and left the place without him. And before they leave him alone, from the team leader's mouth, Gray also learned that he was deliberately abandoned.

But after abandoning him, Gray felt that he was lucky to a certain extent. The team that abandoned him did not move far away and encountered a second-order zombie. And that zombie was a speed type Phantom zombie!.

In this dim environment, the speed-type Phantom Zombie is like a nightmare. The entire team, except Gray who hid earlier, was completely wiped out.

Gray, who was abandoned by his team, survived. Which is rather ironic.

Without power, without food. Gray doesn't think he will live for a long time. Either be found by zombies and become their food, or die here starving.

Somehow Gray felt the world is darker than it already is.

"It's not the time to think negatively" Gray shook his head, throwing all the useless thoughts out of his mind.

He hasn't eaten or drunk anything for two days and already felt so hungry. Starving for a few days, Gray can handle this. It's not his first time to stay without food for a few days. But he needs to find water at least. Or he really won't be breathing in few days.

Two days is enough for that scary second-order zombie to leave the place. So he decided to go out and try to find a water source and maybe some food if he was lucky.

Even though it's so dangerous. Gray wants to gamble while he has some energy. If he stays here like this he won't have the chance to even think about trying!

With careful quiet steps, Gray came out of the store he's hiding in while looking around him with wide eyes. He didnt dare to move fast and kept moving at a very slow speed, so he won't make any sound.

What attracts zombies is sound! Relative to vision, Zombies' ears are their strong pointe. Gray is so clear about this fact. So he didnt dare to make any sound while moving.

Gray walked slowly all the way, although he felt nervous, he still kept his calm and didnt make any footsteps sound.


Luckily everything went well. And soon he saw a sign of a supermarket on top of one of the shops around.

This made him feel happy. There might be something left inside this market!

Although the food that might be there should be expired, some canned food should still be edible...

If not, then he will accept the reality and search for bugs around...

For now, he only wishes there is water inside.

Gray walked slowly toward the shop entrance. But in his heart he was worried. Things shouldn't be so easy like this right? Even though he walked all the way here and didn't encounter any accident. But his heart is always telling him things should not be that easy.

(Author: you're absolutely right! Your luck ends here...)

When he was about to reach the market door. The door was on the left side of the shop beside a tunnel curve.

But suddenly from the tunnel beside the shop, a thin zombie missing one hand came out and stepped in front of Gray.


One zombie, one human looked at each other face to face. (Zombie; Hi I'm jeff.... ignore this joke).

"WHAT!" Gray was frightened by the sudden appearance of this zombie and reflexively took two steps back. But his body lost its balance and fell to the ground.

Gray didnt notice that there was a sharp object on the ground which made a huge scar on his hand when he fell on it. Gray's mind was completely placed on the zombie in front of him, so he didnt feel the pain of the wound.

Even though the zombie has poor insight. He naturally was able to see Gray who was right in front of his face

Seeing Gray on the ground, the zombie's action accelerated a lot and rushed towards Gray.

Gray rolled to the side. Not knowing where did the strength came from. He got up and run backward, and a heavy footsteps sound around the silent mall, with every step the sound became louder and louder.

"UGHHAAAAA" With the sound of Gray's footsteps. The zombie around where attracted one by one and moved toward Gray from all directions.

Not only Gray's footsteps. The mad zombies started making a huge noise around. Causing more and more noise by hitting whatever they met on their way.

Not only this. Gray occasionally was able to see a moving shadow flashing at a very fast speed around him in this dim mall.

It didnt take long. And Gray was surrounded by a group of zombies from all directions. The only choice he has is the electrical store on his left side.

Gray directly entered the electrical store. It was so dark inside. But he was able to see the closest thing around him.

"UGHHAAAA" Suddenly another zombie appeared in front of Gray inside the store. It turned out that there was already another zombie inside the store.

Gray grabbed the notebook on the roof beside him and smashed it with all he had toward the zombie's head.

However. Gray didnt notice that the wound on his hand started glowing in a weird way and the blood that stained the notebook he's holding also glowed.

"Huh? Disappeared?"After waving his hand. But he found that his hand was empty.

Gray looked at his empty palm stained with blood and wondered where the notebook had gone!

He also just noticed that his hand is wounded.

But he didnt have time to think about all this and his hand suddenly became so hot, and a blue vortex appeared from the back of his hand.

As soon as the vortex appeared, without giving Gray the chance to respond, his body was sucked by the vortex that had just appeared.


Many zombies rushed into the electrical store together and even the slender black shadow that was flashing in the darkness before showed himself.

It turned out that it's the phantom zombie that killed the team that abandoned Gray before. This nasty creature is still here. it didnt leave like Gray guessed.

However, in this electrical store, Gray can no longer be found...




"OGH" Gray felt ill when he returned to his mind again after being sucked by that vortex. But the feeling of nauseous came and left in a flash.

After clearing his mind Gray looked around him. But he was dumbfounded by the scene around him.

He found that he's actually in a bar!. And he's not alone here. Several figures in the bar staring at him in a dumbfounded manner.


(Author: Hmmmmm Yup! The first fifteen chapters should be rewritten...)

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