12 Shaw's death

"Wait, you can't kill them..." With an idea in my heart, Gray yelled out and stopped Azazel and Shaw who were about to slaughter his mutant companions.

"What's wrong? Is Mr. Gray unable to see them killed?" Shaw said to Gray.

"No, I said that you can't kill them because my ability tells me they shouldn't be killed now" Gray said.

Although Shaw believed in Gray's ability, he still doesn't trust Gray's words completely. Immediately, Shaw made a look at the White Queen beside him.

White Queen understood the meaning of Shaw's eyes and directly used her ability to enter Gray's mind. Naturally, Gray's words were instantly recognized as lies.

However, before the White Queen could speak, suddenly, countless memories poured into the White Queen's mind.

These memories are Gray's memories, In addition to the memories of the last three years of the apocalypse, Gray's awakened ability, and how he appeared in this world also there.

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What shocked White Queen most was X-Men series movies that appeared in his mind.

These memories made the White Queen realize a terrifying truth.

Am I just a character inside a fake movie world!!!!

"No... impossible...this is impossible...".

At the same time, White Queen understood how Gray Predicted the future, it turned out his so-called Predicting the past and the future ability are just his knowledge about the movie plot, White Queen was unable to accept such a terrible truth, As if she lost her soul, she kept murmuring quietly and stepping back step by step.

"What's the matter? What did she see?" looking at the White Queen's frightened appearances, both Shaw and Azazel looked at each other with a surprised look.

Didn't she use her ability to check the authenticity of words? Why did she become like this?

"No, it's impossible, these are impossible, hahaha, it turns out that I don't exist? It turns out that everyone is false? Doesn't even this world exist?".

The terrible truth was not acceptable to the White Queen at all, and all the psychological defenses collapsed in the face of this terrible truth.

With a subconscious shout from her mouth, the White Queen ran out madly.

"Wait, where are you going?" Shaw yelled as White Queen ran out like crazy.

However, at this time, the spirit of the White Queen has completely collapsed, will she listen to him? Soon, she ran away like a crazy woman.


At this moment, everyone's eyes fell on Gray's body, and held their breaths..

Just now the scene was so terrifying. White queen, with a mind ability, she became crazy? How did Gray do that?

If he has such an ability that could counter mind ability users, why didn't he use it earlier?

"What are you still looking at? fight!!!" Seeing the mutant team were all standing still with a dumbfounded face, Gray shouted angrily.

Inside the mutant team, Professor X and Magneto have the highest prestige, but Gray's prestige is not low either, so after Hearing Gray's word at the moment, they immediately reacted and attacked Shaw's, Azazel, and Riptide.

Although Azazel's ability is very tricky, but the strength of these mutants is not weak.

The beast carrying a hundred-pound iron rod and attacked Shaw, while Raven and Havok faced Riptide. Angel and Banchee soar to the sky in case Azazel used his ability and throw someone from the air.


Suddenly, Azazel appeared in front of Gray, and reached out his hand to catch him.

Among these mutants, Gray's combat power seems to be the weakest. Naturally, Azazel picked the weakest first.

It's just that Gray's special training these days was not completely useless. He stretched out his hands and held the Azazel's wrist tightly.

At the same time, a steel wire on the ground was controlled by Gray's and flew up, piercing Azazel's chest from behind.

"This, this is..." looking down at his pierced chest, there was a confused look on Azazel's face.

Didn't he throw Magneto into the trap? What is happening?

"NO!" Shaw exclaimed, looking at the steel wire that pierced Azazel's chest.

After all, as long as Azazel exists, Shaw has a way to run from here, but now Azazel actually killed? whether Shaw or Riptide, they cant leave.

The battle didn't last long. Although Shaw is very strong, but the beast attack doesn't have any energy release it was a purely physical attack, while Gray controlled the steel peises scattered around and cut towards Shaw.

Without any energy attack, Shaw's ability is completely useless. Soon, both Shaw and Riptide were caught.

"Win, we actually win..." Angel fell from the air and said with amazement on her face.

"Yes, we actually won without Professor X and Magneto!!" Havok and the other's also have an excited look on their faces.

It first Magneto was taken away, then Professor X lost consciousness, and they themselves almost killed, they already lost hope for winning. but suddenly, Gray used a magical way and made the White Queen go crazy, which gave them hope again.

Thinking of the scene when White Queen collapsed, they all looked at Gray, with shock, curiosity, and inquiry in their eyes.

"Awaken Professor X first, we need to know Magneto's location to be able to bring him back first" Gray said.

As Gray's words fell, everyone reacted and hurried to the castle to find Professor X.

At the same time, Gray asked Shaw about Magneto's whereabouts.

But Shaw didn't answer him instead he asked: "Gray what did you do Show the White Queen?"

This is the secret that Gray did not want to say, Gray hesitated about how to answer.

"I left hundreds of people in a sealed plastic room with non-metallic weapons. If you are late it is estimated that you can only collect Eric's body." seeing Gray kept silent, Shaw threatened.


However, just after Shaw's words fell, a coin suddenly appeared, and it penetrated Shaw's mind.

At the same time, Magneto's came from outside with blood stains all over him.

"Well, your trap is really good but your mistake was to let Azazel trap me with steel cables that connected us" step by step he came to Shaw with a grieving smile in his face.

This battle is over.

Soon, a lot of CIA agents came.

Moira sighed with relief when she saw that Professor X and others were fine.

It's just after seeing Shaw's dead body, her face becomes very ugly, Shaw is dead, how can she prove that her word was true?

The CIA wanted to took Shaw's body and the only survivor Riptide away.

Seeing this scene, Magneto's face changed, he stopped them, and said: "What are you doing?".

"Those people are criminals, and he is the only survivor. We have to take him with us" At this time, a senior CIA stepped forward to Replied.

"No, this is mutants affairs, we will deal with it by ourselves!" Magneto said with a firm look.

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