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Read APAURUSHYA novel written by the author Blackcrust on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Sci-fi stories, covering adventure, weaktostrong, scary, evolution. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


A cosmic sentient species that called themselves "Deities" made the first contact with humans out of necessity. 100 Years later, humans have discovered fractures deep within space-time. Inside these fractures, undefined concepts redefine themselves, the rationale is irrational, life is an enigma, and time is tangled. Is it a realm of God or a sanctuary of Cthulhu? Humans call them "Akashic Glitch". A 16-year-old Cadet, Creed Gryffon at the bottom of the hierarchy, finds a forbidden artifact that might have the potential to disrupt the entire power balance. For more chapters Refer the link below : https://www.goodnovel.com/book_info/21000007847/Fantasy/Apaurushya


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This novel is 5/5 from my side . confession = The title of this novel attracted my attention . The world setting give the real justice to the genre of sci-fi . I was able to enjoy the story till the last chapter . The word and vocabulary used by author are very much science fiction related. The character are fun and lively , Creed ,Jake, Alia,Anna, Grisha ,Wolf every character has depth and and can be easily related to real life friends and superiors. And the exchange of dialogs are also good and funny . There is mysterious air behind the story , even after reading 15 chapters , i feel that there is so much more going on in the story than it actually is shown . I feel like the author is hiding many things behind the curtains. It makes me wanna keep going . The explanation of the concepts are also logical and brief so the story become very believable. Although the sentences and punctuation marks are missing places but it does not compromise with the plot, they are mistakes that can be ignored , If you are not a hard core critic. The improvement in writing style is also observable . And this novel is worth a try . Good and enjoyable work .


Love the world building! Very detailed and intriguing, it really draws readers in. The author is talented at writing sci-fi, I can tell. I have a friend that has a similar story, so I felt some nice flashbacks while I was reading this. Fans of sci-fi like myself, I strongly recommend this novel! Slight punctuation/capitalization mistakes, but they are infinitesimal and can be overlooked easily. Good luck, author! Hoping for more.


I love the world background the author has created.To be honest ,I wasn't so interested in sci fi novels ,but this book intrigues me.it was really good to see the good writting style you exposed and I would really like to read more chapters soon.


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I have read about 5 chapters so far. I find this Sci-Fic story quite interesting. The writing quality is good except for a few typos that can be overlooked. The stability of updates is good as I see that already 42 chapters have been published. The story is developing nicely and the character design as well as the world background has been well defined. An enjoyable read. All the best, author!


The title and synopsis is really eye catching. Nice SciFi story. It's makes exciting to read more. Thriller one. Good job. Keep going. Expecting more chapters.


I love your book so much. Please continue writing like this. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍


Nice. Dialogues are packed with info and the flow of the story is smooth. Overall, I like this story because of the unique concept and the interesting ideas the author gives light to. More power to you, author-san!


The story is a wonderful Sci-Fi. What I really like about this novel is that everything is meticulously explained and at no point was I confused. The MC is very likeable, and the story is wonderful. It was a very enjoyable read. The writing quality is great overall. The word diversity is great, and the reading experience is great, as the flow and readability of the story are on point. Although there are minor typos occasionally, it is nothing that can not be fixed after reading it again. Also, capitalization in the dialogue in rare cases missing. The story is great and suspenseful and there is always something new to look forward to or try to understand. The world is diverse and elements of magic and cultivation are added making the story all the more interesting. The characters are dynamic and with rich backgrounds. The MC is likeable and very much to my liking. He is smart; he uses the situations to his benefits and following him on the journey is very much interesting. All in all, this is a wonderful read! Recommended! It was an immersive experience, Well done! I will continue to read more!


An amazing novel that we can look upon to. The story is still developing and still has a lot to offer as the story progress. But this is my initial rate to the author to show my support.


Writing Quality {[4}] There are a few errors that I've found. I've commented about them in their respective paragraphs. There were more that I've found but just to avoid the risk of being called a nitpicker, I didn't mind it anymore plus it was only minor. There were major ones, and I've commented on most of them. These were the ones that future readers, especially nitpickers and people who are fluent in English, might find hard or confusing to read. Next thing I noticed was there were a few errors in punctuation but that doesn't really affect the story that much. Stability of updates {[5]} Automatically going to rate this five as always. Character Design {[5]} Every character was vividly described, so I have no problems with that. World Background {[5]} Well, the world background was great too, I was able to portray the scenarios happening in my head. Some paragraphs however are prose which might seem a bit boring for readers but that wasn't boring for me since I love prose! It's wonderful to know something new. Overall: 4.8 This is a honest review for the sake of helping the author improve. The author's strong points are his/her world background, character design, and story development. The pace is smooth. What the author needs to improve is his/her typos and do a bit of proofreading to fix the errors that I've noted. That is all and I wish the author the very best. Will I recommend it? Of course! Go and give this book a try if you're a fan of the genre. For new readers who are not familiar with the genre, I suggest that you give this a try, it's captivating, and the plot is interesting. It's good to learn something new :)


I think that this story has a really great plot. I give this novel a 5 stars rating because of the fact that the the entire story is refreshing to me, and the concept is unique. The novel is well written with few to none errors, so there is no confusion when trying to understand what the author is conveying. Thank you!


Hey fellow Indian :p, I've read the initial chapters and man, Creed curses a lot xD. You've done an incredible job. Your title is alluring too. I'm going to look it up. You have talent. All the best.


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The synopsis was attention-grabbing. The title also caught my eye and the story is great and the author inputted some elements that would make the reader feel you are there. Overall, thank you for writing such a wonderful novel, Author-sama!!


This is one of the novels which is true to the sci-fi genre. the mystery about elders tablet. The rest of the characters kept me hooked and i liked Creeds determination JUST LOVE IT!


So, According to many people in glitch, creed is a weakling. But I won't agree to this point. Coz, if he truly is one, then he would have been long ago dead when he went inside the elders tablet. However, he came back alive along with the amulet and golden egg, which shows he sure is stronger than he think of himself and others think of him. In fact, even though his all chakras are not fully open, he made it out. That was a very interesting story and I liked the book. I already added it in my library and I will sure continue reading it further and follow creed in his journey. Story development is also well in pace. Author did a very good job in describing things. Exchange of dialogues is also good. As for grammar, I really don't have any complaints, as I myself was still in learning stage.All in all author did a great job and keep up the good work dear author. I will definitely give 5/5 for authors hardwork and to encourage her to deliver such more good works 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😀.


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