1 This was a story of a very sharp and very minded person.

The main leader of this story was PROFESSOR. When professor was 10 year's old his father was dead while he staealing a bank. Professor see his father dead body in front her. On that day professor oath to herself that he would also steal one day a bank.

Now, (means present day ) professor is ready with her plan now he needs a team who trust on professor, so professor give helps to needy person who is master on their works like on stealing,fighting etc.so professor make a team of 7 persons and all these seven's are very superb in which there is two girls and 5 boys.

Before the robbery professor teach them for 5 months for proper learning because he dont want any mistake on their planing.professor have all possible situations plan. Professor make some rules for their team no one can tell their original name no love angles or no relations.so everyone knows each others by city names like tokyo,rio,nairobi,helsinki,denver ,moscowand berlin.

Now,the time come for robbery professor is outside from this robbery beacuse he handle situation from outside. He gives instructions to all his members.professor robbery is in hall where money is printed.all seven encircled the hall and also makes 60peoples to hostages. Now they sealed all the entrance of that hall they fitted the bombs on the gates so army don't dare to come inside the hall.rio was a computer science student so he knows the hacking he hacked mobile network so professor get all the police instructions. professor makes sealed hall for 7 days and print money regularly. He also digging for the tunnel to go outside but professor knows that police is also not stupid they get them so he use his mind and digged one another tunnel from one he sends hostages to go outside which police knows so police waited for thieves but they hostages and from another tunnel which police don't know they take their money and run away but in last police also got that tunnel so berlin who leading the team he dont run he fights with police and he sends his team safely to the professor.Berlin is brother of professor berlin has also a disease in which he have only 2 years that's why he sacrificed his life for their teammate's.