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*Note! Rewrite in the works!* Fixing the unnecessary detail issue of this story! Thank you for reading! Noel Tyler Malierano. He's the youngest 'son' to receive approval from 'The Malierano Family': A Criminal Organization of hitmen and hitwomen that specialize in killing, even maintaining success within a vastly superpowered society. Noel finally manages to complete his training as the newest 'Elite' killer his family created...but, there's just one problem - He doesn't want to kill! Come along and delve into a society of conflicting morals through the eyes of a boy, desperately searching for a new path to follow. Can he even manage to free himself from his father's engrained teachings and ideals? Conversely, will killing prove a lot more difficult to ignore? Uploading 2 chapters every Tuesday and Friday. I'm thinking of a good schedule still, so I might upload an extra chapter or two once in a while. I hope you enjoy!


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