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What is Anti-omnipotent

Read โ€˜Anti-omnipotentโ€™ Online for Free, written by the author anime_boy_uzumaki, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, SYSTEM Light Novel, MAGIC Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: Toby and Rose are unexpectedly transported to Eternia, a realm of magic, where they face deadly creatures and discover t...


Toby and Rose are unexpectedly transported to Eternia, a realm of magic, where they face deadly creatures and discover they've been summoned as champions by deities. Toby, who was summoned by accident is left without powers and will not be sent back home by the deities. He joins the eleventh-grade group while Rose aligns with the twelfth. They learn they can sabotage each other but not "kill" As Toby's group gains respect through quests, during a quest to investigate a cult disrupting a peaceful village, the group betray him to the cult, subjecting him to horrific rituals that transform him into Arachno, a monstrous goat headed spider demon. After his temporary transformation, Toby meets a mysterious old man, marking the beginning of his dark journey to exact revenge against his former group and the deities of Eternia for forcing him into this dark world as he finds a way home amidst Eternia's dangers.

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Raya_Wrenley ยท Urban
Not enough ratings
1 Chs

The Lonely Swordmaster

Kenshiro is a half-demon human. His entire body is normal like any other human, except for his head and his right hand. Both body parts consist only of a skull. Despite having only a skull for a head, Kenshiro can still live. Initially, Kenshiro was found as a child by someone who was living in seclusion in a forest. He was taught swordsmanship by his adoptive father. Kenshiro was raised by his adoptive father until he reached the age of twenty, and at this age, he began to wander. Kenshiro traveled throughout Japan, and everyone who met him always hated and feared him because he was considered a demon child due to his abnormal hand and head. Until he finally met a woman who was neither afraid nor hateful towards him; in fact, she accepted Kenshiro just as he was. However, the world was cruel to Kenshiro. The woman was killed by a hired swordsman. And the mastermind behind the murder was the villagers in the woman's hometown. Kenshiro's emotions exploded, and overnight the village was leveled to the ground. Then Kenshiro vowed, "I will become the number one swordsman in the world!" But Kenshiro had walked down the wrong path. Kenshiro became a cruel antagonist to all the swordsmen he encountered. Because of Kenshiro's ruthless actions, he was punished by God. And to redeem his sins, Kenshiro was commanded to become a savior throughout the universe. Kenshiro's journey to atone for his sins would be very long and exhausting for him. However, all of it would not be in vain.

MrXGin ยท Fantasy
Not enough ratings
2 Chs

Obsessed With My Husband's Step-Brother

Rated 18+!! Steamy mature contents contained here!!! Leilani Waters, a really beautiful independent lady, with the perfect body that can make any man sin willingly, won the heart of one of the most famous billionaires in the city, Neil. He loved her so much with his entire heart and could kill for her. Their lives went on smoothly until he walked in through the front doorโ€ฆAdonis Ace Giles, Neilโ€™s stepbrother, a sex god, whose mouthwatering features will make any woman kill to get a taste of him and yet doesnโ€™t believe in love. Leilani found herself drooling over Adonis, and when the heat between them became unbearable, they had sexโ€ฆ and from that day, everything changed for Leilani. What happens when Leilani is caught between marrying Neil and confessing her feelings to Adonis? What happens when things get really complicated and messy as there has been an eye watching them from afar? What happens when Blackmail, Betrayal and Heartbreak became the order of the day? ***Excerpt*** โ€œFuck me, Adonis.โ€ I gasped against his shoulder, helplessly pressed into him as he rocked my body slowly with his slow, hard grinding. He yanked his hand off my ass forcefully, and the thong snapped. The sound and the smack of it against my skin made me shudder, almost cumming. He pulled the black thong away from me, the small fabric slick with my juices, and stuffed it in my open mouth. I groaned, hearing the tortured sound of my own groan muffled by my panties slick with my own wet. And I moaned again. โ€œSo many fucking things I wanna do to your body, Leilani.โ€ He growled, bunching my shirt up and I felt the cold of the hard surface against my heated skin. โ€œIโ€™m gonna fuck you so hard.โ€ He said, gazing sinfully into my eyes as he said those maddening words and slid his erect cock out of his grey sweatpants. My vagina clenched, spilling more moisture. Then he parted my legs even wider and plunged his cock into my vagina. Deep. Wet. Hard.

Belleza J ยท Urban
Not enough ratings
233 Chs

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Masjoko_Suwung ยท Teen
Not enough ratings
1 Chs


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The man character is a bit weird The synopsis almost made me belive this was a romance novel until I read the whole thing Descriptions need more work Overall its not a bad chapter it just needs more polishing


Not bad, the main characters is pretty quirky but I like his character. I feel like Rose still needs a bit more development but she's good so far, her reactions are pretty realistic. I like this novel. is this a system novel by any chance?๐Ÿค”


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