203 Ultimate Attack!

__________ POV Narration__________

Beru shook his arm a bit as he started circling around his new enemy, like a crow looking at a soon-to-be corpse.

"Don't think this will go your way, earthling." The Alien said as it extended its arms in Beru's direction. Both of his forearms swelled up like balloons in an instant.

Beru could instantly recognize that power, it was one of his most used ones after all...

A combination of Air Cannon and plenty of enhancement quirks would make sure to blow off the skin from the bone of anyone standing right in front of it.

The problem here was that Beru wasn't just about anyone, and he wasn't about to just sit by and wait for his turn.

The instant the Alien released the compressed air from its palms, Beru shot up into the sky at blinding speeds, he used Muscle Augmentation to move his unusable arm around as normal.

He quickly placed his palm on his own shoulder, letting a gigantic rifle sprout from his elbow as he used multiple quirks in tandem.

In an instant, Beru used his other arm and ripped off one of his own fingers from his rifle arm, he did need something to use for ammunition, after all, something that was tough enough to be a threat to the Alien.

The finger had already started healing when Beru shot toward the hostile alien.

With one grunt and a deafening sound, he released a house-sized projectile from his Giant Rifle, the recoil of which sent him flying further into the sky, further avoiding the streams of compressed air that were still ravaging everything below him.

The Alien quickly stopped its Air Cannons, which had already further ruined everything in front of him for a few good kilometres, and started moving out of the way.

With a dash to the side, the Alien completely avoided the projectile. He stood right beside it as he stared at Beru with a sneer.

"Don't think such a weak and slow attack will do much of anything. I thought you were smarter than this..." The alien was quick to try and demoralize Beru, but it seemed to overlook a few things.

Beru, in the distance, only smiled a bit as he didn't even attempt to approach the Alien. He turned his hand back to its usual size and state.

"Sure~ Whatever you say~" Beru spoke as he fluttered his wings a bit and broke the upwards momentum that the recoil had given him.

Then it happened, with not even a second given to react, the bullet exploded into countless small pieces, and shrapnel flew around everywhere at speeds even greater than those of the initial bullet.

The alien managed to react, but not quickly enough, having received an attack without expecting it. The only action it managed to take was raising its arms in a blocking motion.

Beru's grin took a sadistic turn, as he took notice that the Alien was very inclined to protect its chest instead of its head.

The insectoid didn't give the Alien any time to rest though he quickly flew above it, dodging a lot of shrapnel in the process.

As soon as Beru was above the Alien, he grew a few tails and created something akin to a funnel for his arms, pointing them downwards in the process.

In that instant, Beru released a move so destructive, that no one could've ever predicted just how much damage it was going to do to the planet.

'My very own Ultimate Move! ~Nemuri said that naming your moves is something essential for heroes... So I'll name this, Supernova Discharge!~'

The scene could be aptly described as a 'Plasma Shower'. And it looked really similar to a Solar flare's discharge, it rained down directly towards the Alien, as Beru did his best to withstand the heat of his own attack.

Beru had combined plenty of quirks before, now he was going even more overboard.

Every single quirk in his body that had anything to do with enhancement, including One for All, combined with all of his flame related quirks. Hellflame, Half-Cold Half-Hot, Explosion, Fire Aspect were the only ones that Beru knew the names of.

But he had gathered dozens from villain fights during his hero career. And now all of them were being used to deal with a single being, one that had just started to realize how unprepared it was for this fight.

The Alien, having just recovered from the finger shrapnel he had just withstood, looked up, only to be blinded by a bright light and for his senses to be assaulted by warning signs.

The Plasma Shower scorched the earth all-around Beru and the Alien. The heroes that were planning to come and assist Beru all were forced to stop in their tracks.

And the ones that were somewhat closer to the scene all started running away in a frantic motion.

The heat came in like a wave, everyone in the country could feel it, the temperature spiking up as if they had just changed their climate in an instant.

The ones closer to the former research institute had it the worst, as some of the people outside even had a few burns to show from this incident.

Beru kept his attack for only a few seconds, as his palms were already melted by the end of it.

He looked at his arms with a wry smile, his forearms looked like candlesticks in the middle of burning out.

His funnel made out of tails wasn't even there anymore, completely melted off in the few seconds that had passed.

His antennas and every other part of his body were also burned.

Beru was forced to land on the ground beneath him, which was also heated up to the point where he was mostly on lava the entire time.

Thankfully he did manage to find a rock without any lava on it, something akin to an island in the inferno he had created.

Beru took a knee as his arms fell limply to his sides, it was clear that he wasn't healing up that quickly now.

Beru also had to prioritize the parts he healed first, choosing his ruined and melted eyes first before everything else.

He looked around slowly, scanning the area for his enemy.

He could only sigh when seeing it. It was a cocoon of tails, all melted together. It looked like the Alien truly had no time to do anything before the attack, it had only formed the cocoon after the attack had started.

Even then, most of its body was gone, only the first half of its head and a part of its torso were still there.

"Damn~" Beru spoke as his vocal cords and throat also healed.

'Imagine if I was at full power...' Was the only thought that the insectoid had in his mind currently.

Of course, this incident was bound to have made him even weaker. On account of the fact that his hands healing anytime soon was extremely unlikely.

"YOU PEST¬¬"£!"R%@" Beru could hear some otherworldly screeching from his opponent, signifying that the Alien was still alive, despite its sorry state.

"The fuck are you made out of?~ Space cum, you better die after this, cuz I really don't feel like continuing with this shit~" Beru said as he managed to stand back up and started making his way towards the alien.

He was swaying from side to side, each step he took created more and more rock to stand on as he started using some water quirks to cool down the lava around him.

Beru reached the remains of the Alien within the minute. Then he finally noticed it, the Alien was already attempting to reform itself.

Beru fell back to one knee right in front of it, his body and internal organs all screaming at him to lie down somewhere.

But the insectoid just gritted his teeth, refusing to let his body enjoy any rest.

'That wasn't enough... Even that wasn't enough..." Beru thought as a depressive feeling came over him.


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