72 Training and Family

__________ POV Narration__________

While Beru was spending his time with Nao and his family, Toga was bored out of her mind.

She wanted to do something productive with her time, internships were going to start soon, and she had the opportunity to enter the hero course too.

She was not interning with anyone, but a teacher had volunteered to train her. To help her become a hero.

She took that offer in stride.

She realised that, while Beru was there for her, she would also need to deal with her own issues from time to time. Which lead to her spontaneous decision to strive towards becoming a hero.

Now, Toga wasn't exactly keen on the idea of being a hero. She didn't like the way some of them carried themselves.

But, much like Beru, she didn't actually care all that much. She figured that she'd be able to draw blood from people quite frequently if she was to become one.

So, it was decided that she was to be trained by none other than Aizawa, the teacher that had fought by her side during the USJ incident.

He was a good fit for her because their strength was similar, and neither of them relied on their quirk much when fighting.

Well, Aizawa was still a bit stronger physically than her. But that was to be expected, he was an adult after all. Still, the difference wasn't all that great.

For all of Beru's efforts to hold back and limit himself, he could never be a great sparring partner for Toga.

Even if he didn't use any hardening quirk and limited himself, punching and kicking him felt like hitting a wall of steel.

And injuries didn't faze him at all. Fights with him were satisfying for Toga, but she couldn't learn as much as she was learning with Aizawa.

Aizawa sparred with Toga for quite a while, the both of them weren't only using their bodies, Toga used a dull training knife and Aizawa used his carbon-fibre capture weapon.

Their spar was quite one-sided at first, as Toga didn't really know much about his fighting style. But after a minute or two, she managed to catch on to a few of his movements.

She was truly a fast learner, even astonishing Aizawa with her perceptive nature and analytical style of fighting. She seemed to constantly adjust her stance to fit the opponent she faced.

Aizawa had seen that before while she was fighting Beru. And he knew of her strengths.

Still, seeing her fight with Beru made him pity her. It was a really unfair bout, no matter how much the insectoid held back. That was Aizawa's opinion anyway.

Beru was, by all definitions, a force of nature. Aizawa knew for a fact that nothing alive in their era could match him in strength.

The only people that would have a chance to match him were the next generations.

All of the teachers knew that. But, one would expect a person, especially a young man, with that type of strength to never bother training in a fighting style.

Who would need one when you can end everything in one move? But that wasn't the case with Beru.

Aizawa had seen it himself, Beru seemed to be proficient in both boxing and grappling. He didn't even know where Beru had the time to become so skilled in those fighting styles.

But, seeing as Beru had no formal education in anything, Aizawa could somewhat understand where the insectoid would find such time.

The teachers found his lack of education to be quite tragic, but Beru seemed to be able to read and write without much issue.

He even knew English perfectly, which made some of the teachers think that he had received some form of private education.

Although, All Might really doubted All for One would give Beru such privileges.

"Teacher! Let's go again!" Toga recovered her stamina much faster than the tired Aizawa.

Still, the man could only sigh and get back up. He had been the one that proposed the training, he couldn't just slow it down when Toga was making such amazing progress.

So, he got back up. Wiped his sweat, and prepared for another fight. That was when Beru finally decided to show up.

"Damn~ Why are you two so hot and sweaty?~" With his usual sense of humour and inappropriate comments.

Aizawa found him irritating. But Beru's mannerisms could still amuse Aizawa sometimes. Especially when in coordination with a few other colourful characters(midnight).

Toga seemed pretty excited to see Beru.

"Mr Aizawa has been teaching me about heroes and sparring with me!" She was quick to respond, Beru's obviously perverse joke seemed to go right over her head.

At least on the surface. She had spent enough time near the insectoid to know that such jokes were part of his daily routine.

Toga jumped towards Beru and hugged him. Well, she also managed to hit her head on his chest, which made her a bit dizzy. Beru just laughed a bit and patted her on the back a few times.

"Seems like you've been working hard~ Since when do you want to be a hero?~" Beru never expected someone with Toga's background to gain an interest in heroism.

But he could somewhat guess her reasons. A steady supply of victims(villains, in this case, I guess) was something like a dream for Toga.

"Since yesterday! Imagine all the villains I would be able to cut up!" She gave Beru a sweet smile as Aizawa just looked on with a weird gaze.

__________ POV Beru__________

"So~ How's Toga faring Aizawa?~" This is kind of a surprise.

"She is very talented. I'd say she's learning much faster than I expected. But even that would be an understatement..." Aizawa (still bothered by Toga's sound reasons to become a hero) composed himself and answered.

I must say, I am really glad to see Toga trying her best to live her life and fulfil her desires through legal means. (in other words, not gutting random people on the streets)

As I've said, I believe in her quite a lot. I don't think she's really fit for a life of crime. Or, I don't think it will truly be fulfilling in any way.

Maybe the thought that 'she could cut up anybody and everybody whenever she wanted' attracted her to that lifestyle. But that's not even true for villains.

The vast majority of them trade their lives for a moment of pleasure. They live the rest of their pathetic existences in constant pursuit and always end up in a cell. (or dead)

I don't want something like that for her. I know that she can do better than that.

At first, I was just thinking of this as a charitable act. Maybe the fact that I found her to be quite cute helped. But, I ended up actually caring about her.

Strange how that works. I've never had any proper family, in this life or the last. Toga is the first person I'd consider family.

She's kinda like a little sister. Brash and annoying at times, cute and sporadic. Oh, and absolutely insane. All of the qualities of a great sibling.

All jokes aside, she has her flaws(obsessive nature, not the blood thingy) and I have mine (too many to fucking list). But I still think this is the most perfect relationship I've ever had (not in the romantic sense though, she's still a teenager).

"Well~ I guess I can leave you guys to it if you want me to~ Or I can just hang around and watch you two~," I said as Toga finally departed from me.

She also seems to have somewhat recovered from hitting her head on my exoskeleton (she's done that a surprisingly few amount of times honestly).

"How about you actually get ready for your patrol?! Did you forget that you're supposed to take Midoryia in as your intern?" Aizawa looked at me with a slanted gaze.

"Of course I didn't forget~ Now If you'll excuse me~" I turned around to leave.

__________ POV Narration__________

Beru obviously forgot about internships. (so did the author, cuz he's a prick)(shut up, I made you)(narrator vs author battle)

He quickly scrambled back to the dormitory, completely ignoring Toga's amused gaze that was directed at his back.

She could also tell that Beru wasn't the type to remember appointments and other things of that nature if they didn't interest him all that much.

She returned to sparring with Aizawa, who could just sigh a bit at Beru's irresponsibility.

So, Beru was left alone in his room(the shared room I guess?) to contemplate exactly what a 'patrol' is supposed to be.

Did he need to walk around randomly on the streets? That was boring. And somewhat unproductive.

And, also, he needed some knowledge on the patrol paths of other heroes. So they don't intertwine with Beru's leaving spots unpatrolled in the process.

Beru quickly discovered that planning a proper patrol would take a while of learning a city and the streets that each hero was patrolling.

So, he did the best thing he could. And something he was quite proficient in. Procrastination. (smart move)

Beru completely gave up. His train of thought is: 'Tomorrow's problems are for tomorrow' me.' He would later regret his lack of planning. But that was, again, not 'Today Beru's problem'.


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