211 Final Chapter: Wedding and Deserved Happiness

_________ POV Narration_________

"I still can't believe you decided to do that..." Nemuri sat in her bed with Beru right beside her.

"I mean~ It's my own wedding~ Figured wearing clothes might be nice for a change~" Beru said while hugging Nemuri a bit closer to him.

The wedding reception was planned to be quite simple, all of the people that knew the two of them came, including the former students.

Many were shocked to see Beru wearing something formal, they had expected him to just wear a tie(only a tie), but he was wearing a full custom-made tuxedo.

The most shocking thing for everyone there was how long it took for Beru and Nemuri to actually get married.

It was a secret to no one that the two of them were living together for quite a few years, so this was mostly par for the course at this point. It was pretty clear to anyone that knew them that they hardly functioned properly without the other.

Toga was also one of the best girls, alongside the female staff of UA, the wild wild pussy cats, Kota's mother and Eri, who was officially Aizawa's daughter at this point.

Beru's list was... A bit longer. Bakugo, Izuku and Shoto were there mostly to toast with Beru at the end of it, Endeavor was also there, he had come with his wife so he was given none of the Best man duties.

Toshinori and Snipe were the ones that walked the maid of honour down the aisle. Nezu and Yori were the ones handing him the ring.

Don was just off somewhere, drinking the Venue's alcohol supply. And making idle conversation with Rumi, the rabbit hero, who seemed to be oddly interested in the clone.

There were a lot of people present, even Lady Nagant's agency had made some time to arrive. Including Twice, who was rather stoked to see Beru again.

Overall, it was an extremely crowded wedding...

Nemuri had planned the venue right, but it simply was a bit too small. In the end, Beru turned the building into a more... Open plan setting.

He basically removed the walls, leaving only a few pillars to support the ceiling. The waiters and owners of the place didn't even know what to do, they were just flabbergasted at what was happening before them.

Beru assured them that he would repair anything afterwards and pay them extra, so that calmed them down instantly. Beru's word still held a lot of weight after all.

One can only guess that the wedding was a private event, but the crowds of reporters waiting outside gave people a different impression.

Thankfully, no one actually tried to enter or intervene with the event. Most of the heroes in the country were there after all. No actual villains dared act up on that day either. Mostly out of fear.

Beru wasn't a hero anymore, but he still had his license, and whatever villains remained in Japan could somewhat understand that he would likely hunt them down if they even breathed in an offensive manner during the Wedding day.

Overall, it was an extremely fun day for everyone involved, the night obviously began with a drinking competition, which led to Izuku getting shitfaced and making out with Ochako in public.

Bakugo and Beru immediately burst out laughing at him. Shoto simply looked away and Ochako ended up taking away his gravity and sticking him to the ceiling.

He did vomit eventually, thankfully Beru opened up a portal in front of his mouth so as to not inconvenience the rest of the people present.

Snipe was once again, competing on an even field with Beru. Hell, Beru was sure that if he wasn't immune to all types of poison Snipe would be able to drink him underneath the table any day of the week.

Toshinori and Nezu stuck to coffee, tea and soda. Still, Beru didn't bother telling trying to coax them into getting shitfaced as well.

In the end, that night Endeavor also revealed that he had two left feet when it came to dancing, managing to step on his wife's toes with most of his moves. Which led to him being slapped and having to appease her by apologizing repeatedly.

Lady Nagant and Twice seemed to get along REALLY well. It was a bit strange to see around four of twice filling up their table and taking turns to dance with her. It was almost like he was competing with himself.

Toga was just doing her thing at Beru's table, they were family at this point after all. She was oddly quiet the entire evening, only starting to look livelier when Shinso started speaking with her.

They ended up spending most of their time together after that. Beru judged the young man for a few seconds, but then he remembered that he was just Aizawa's pupil. He and Toga had trained together for a long time, it was only natural that they were close...

Anyway, the night ended with a bang, as Beru decided to start spitting out fireworks using a combination of quirks, he thankfully did that outside, otherwise, the owners of the venue would've gotten a heart attack.

"It was definitely a beautiful day though..." Nemuri said as she snuggled closer to Beru's chest. Beru adjusted his body to make it softer for her.

"Of course~ It was a long time coming, after all~" Beru wrapped both of his arms around her with a smile on his face.

"To be fair, you were pretty busy with other things in the past," Nemuri said while she started drawing circles with her nails on Beru's chest.

Beru simply started playing with her hair when hearing that.

He was indeed busy with all sorts of things in the past. But now he was free, free to do whatever he wanted. Quirk singularity didn't solve itself randomly, but it was on its way to fizzling out.

Hero work wasn't of any interest to him anymore and there was no organization that was after him, governmental or not. Somehow, despite the fact that he had made his retirement with the plan of ruining his reputation, it didn't work at all.

People were digging him even more after his speech. So he still had to deal with being a famous person. But at least everyone had accepted his decision, and that was because everyone respected him.

Now, all that was left for Beru was to enjoy the rest of his life in peace. Just like he had planned to do from the start.

His life was bound to not be as filled with adversity from this point onwards. Beru was almost contemplating whether or not he was even deserving of such a life.

But those thoughts were quickly shot down. His actions and feats had a great impact on the lives of many, he had saved countless people both directly and indirectly.

His very presence in that world had changed the course of history, it was his birth that prevented its eventual destruction. Maybe that was the reason that he was reborn there in the first place...

Regardless, after doing his duty and saving the planet he was reborn into, he had earned the right to enjoy retirement to the fullest.

It was that thought, as well as all of the people that he had befriended along the way, that made him feel different...

With a partner by his side, with an almost-daughter off doing her own things, with a group of friends that were loyal and accepting...

It finally made him feel like he truly belonged into that world. And he was now ready to enjoy it to the fullest.

After all, if there was anyone deserving of such a peaceful life, then it was him.

"Hmm~ Maybe we should have a kid~" Beru said suddenly, breaking himself out of his own stupor.

For a man that was always afraid of responsibility, it felt like a sudden thought. But in reality it was the natural progression of things.

Hell, if Izuku was already a father, then why couldn't Beru be one too?

Nemuri instantly turned red, and a smile spread on her lips as well. "Thought you'd never ask about that either... Well, better get to it then!"

The rest of the night was... Eventful.


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