59 Fame and Coffee

__________ POV Narration__________

The news about Beru's 'true' identity spread like a wildfire.

The government officials that were after Beru did their best to stop the news from spreading. But their efforts were in vain.

They were forced to pull back a bit with their 'vilifying' strategy.

Oyama being meticulous in the way she spread the news helped greatly.

She sent it to all major news outlets that weren't in cahoots with said officials, by the time they noticed such rumours circulating it was already far too late.

Beru quickly became the subject of discussion across all of Japan, even reaching the international stage soon after, as details about his backstory became clearer.

His story brought attention to the incompetence of law enforcement inside Japan. No one would mention that Beru was targeted by the state after all.

Beru's story was considered the tale of a tragic hero. The news even mentioned him as an upright character that would never stand for any injustice.

That article made Beru piss himself laughing, but that is unimportant. The people believed it, and that was all that mattered.

The people that supported him now did so loudly, many fandoms being created after his image and his feats.

Many speculated that everything, even his fight with All Might had been planned.

Which gave people a bit more perspective on why All Might had tried to somewhat save Beru's name in the past.

It painted the picture of a friendship between what now people considered to be the two strongest heroes alive.

The excitement was not just in Japan, it even managed to spread overseas, as Beru's image became the one of a 'martyr'. A righteous hero, completely unbothered by how others perceived him.

The media campaign worked perfectly, and now Beru could walk in the light as a free man... However, the officials were only angered by this development.

They weren't going to give up so easily. Now, they were forced to back off in front of the people. But they would definitely keep pestering and trying to create issues for Beru if left unattended.

At least that's what Oyama figured would happen soon. She knew just how greedy some of them were.

Although they weren't exactly threats to society, so they were usually not the type of people that she needed to worry about.

Now, because of her new business partner, she had to work against them.

It was a bit frustrating, but she also knew that an associate with Beru's strength and mindset would only benefit the Public Safety Committee in the long run.

She could see just how uncaring Beru was about getting his hands dirty, and that was exactly what she wanted in the people that worked with and for the Public Safety Committee.

And just like that, overnight, Beru became a 'Hero'.

__________ POV Beru__________

I woke up in my perfectly fine Dorm room.

I was obviously not alone, this room is mine as much as it is Togas. She's clinging to me like a squid again, this has become the norm after a week and a half of sleeping in the same room honestly.

I don't even mind, she may have her crazy moments, but she's otherwise quite a regular gal. Not much difference between her and some of the other kids I saw around.

To wake her up, I always have to get creative, physical contact with me seems to have a strange effect on her, I can poke her cheeks and pull them till they come off and she will still be sleeping.

So, the best way to wake her up is to warp out. It also helps train my control with Kurogiri's Warp Gate Quirk. It's easy enough to use, but I've yet to master it completely.

If I was to not be careful, I'd probably also warp Toga with me, and I'm trying not to. (she usually clings to me harder if I do that)

I managed to warp myself to the side, slowly and carefully, the purple mist ate away at my body and I reappeared at the side of the bed.

After mumbling a bit and turning around on the bed a few times, Toga also woke up. She could likely sense a distinct lack of me on the bed.

"Morning~" She just nodded her head and went into the bathroom by herself. That's a bit rude considering I was up first. Now I have to wait for her...

Or I could just go eat first. It's still early so there can't be all that many students around. (spoiler: I picked the second option)

I made my way towards the canteen, Lunch Rush is usually already prepared at this hour, so I don't need to worry about starving.

I think it's because students sometimes choose to live in the dorms at school. Not everyone does that, however, as most prefer just picking an apartment nearby.

So anyway, there I was, making my way towards the canteen when I ran into Pinkey. And Jesus that's probably the shittiest nickname I ever gave anyone.

She smiled a bit when seeing me. "Hello! It's great to see you around the school." She immediately strikes up a conversation with me.

"Yea~ Great to see you too cutie~" Fuck, I meant to say Puddin(another shitty nickname) I can't even correct myself, taking that back might make her think I'm insulting her or something.

She turned a bit red and looked around for a second. "Umm... Wanna go grab some coffee or something? I kn-"

"Wow!~It's like you're reading my mind~ Let's go right away~" I grabbed her by the shoulders and started dragging her around a bit.

I'm doing my best to salvage the situation, I hate awkward moments.

"B-But I have classes..." She said as she turned even redder? Well, I guess she's technically turning a light shade of purple.

I'd usually associate purple with disgust or something, but her skin is already pink, so it's a bit hard to read.

"Don't worry~You won't miss any~ Classes start in an hour or something~" Literally, I hear that they are still training for that useless festival or something.

I mean, are they training to become heroes or exposition fighters? (wait, why are they so similar?)

"I-I see..." We kept walking towards the canteen, I stopped dragging her along as she also decided to start walking herself.

We reached the canteen, grabbed ourselves some coffee and sat down. I was going to eat, but I'm not exactly hungry anyway.

I dragged this gal here because it would be boring to come alone.

"Umm, I have a question..." She's the first one that broke the silence, speaking up while looking at me for a bit.

"Go on~ I don't bite~" Unless I want to take a quirk or something.

"Is that girl from before... Is she your girlfriend?" I thought it was something more important. Why is she even concerned about this.

"Nah~I'm just taking care of her~," I said as I sipped from my coffee.

Is that a sigh of relief? Or was it one of boredom? It might be the second one, I doubt she's having all that much fun talking to a bloke she barely knows anything about.

"What colour do you like most?" Oh? We're getting into more existential questions, are we?

Well, this is difficult. But I guess I kinda like Kurogiri's portals.

"Purple~Kinda like your cheeks when you're flustered(or disgusted, can't tell yet)~" I made a comparison that she can understand better.

I don't feel like trying to explain certain shades of Purple till I get the correct one. Her reaction is a bit of an odd one though. I can't help but think she's misinterpreting my message.

Her entire head basically went purple, is that part of her quirk? Does acid have anything to do with this transformation?

"T-Thanks! I'm not really used to this... I'm not usually on the receiving end like this..." What? Why's she thanking me?

I guess she took it as a compliment, but she's reacting a bit too heavily. It ain't that big a deal. Girls get compliments all the time (sometimes too many).

Well, I can't really walk it back now. I don't want to sound mean.

"A-And... Were you really always a hero?" I guess she's seen the news. It's been talked about quite extensively since yesterday.

"Yea~ It was a bit annoying to act as a villain~ It was also annoying when they experimented on me~" I mean, it technically was. On one side, I could kill people(villains) with no issue.

On the other, I had to deal with self-important idiots that thought themselves to be the centre of the universe at all times(AFO).

Oh yeah, the news also mentioned me becoming something akin to a guinea pig for All for One to infiltrate the organisation properly.

So that's also public knowledge. They needed to add that detail because they had found the files about me in Kyudai's laboratory.

"I see... I know I said this back then. But I wanted to thank you for saving me and Kirishima back then..." She really seems genuinely thankful.

I can't let her know that I attacked the villains because I wanted to watch a drama. So I'll just boast or something.

"Don't mention it~ I'd obviously save you~" I kinda forgot the name of her friend, even though she just told me about it. Oh well, I'll remember it eventually.

"I-Isee" She's basically sinking into her seat at this point. Am I making her uncomfortable? Well, I guess her classes are starting soon anyway.

"Well~ This was nice~ But you should probably head to class~ I don't want Aizawa on my case for kidnapping one of his students~"

She looked a bit disappointed, but then she looked at the clock and immediately got up "Crap! I'm gonna be late!"

Well, now I feel bad... I guess I'll carry her there.

I just reached her side and picked her up, she didn't even have the time to react as I started walking out.

Aizawa did mention where his classroom was located at some point. Mina didn't really say anything the entire way.

It only took me about 30 seconds of light jogging to reach the classroom. I also heard the bell the second I reached the door.

"Here we are~ See ya around~" I put her down slowly. She muttered a thank you as she went inside and closed the door.

By my side, is the usual yellow sleeping bag occupied by none other than Aizawa himself. "Morning... I hope you aren't teaching my students anything weird..." He said while looking at me suspiciously.

"Oh, c'mon~ What type of person do ya think I am~ I am an upright hero~ I can't teach them anything bad~" He just stared at me, with narrowed eyes.

"Well then~ See ya~ I've got places to be~," I said as I waved at him and walked away.

I think Oyama wanted me to come to see her not long after the news was published(I kinda forgot about it)

So that's my next destination.


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