1 Coming back

In a small town at the edge of a big city Cryztle suddenly appeared.

Cryztle was a boy who looked to be in his 20s. He had black hair and black eyes encumpassing his stoic face.

"Lovely" said Cryztale

Not really sure why he had to say that but it seemed he just wanted to in the moment like he just returned home from some far off place.

Cryztle then proceeded to waltz up into the town and conjure up a huge fireball right in the sky. the fireball ejected hot flares as it grew in size over the city, the fireball was melting everything in a 5km radius and still growing. Soon the fireball exploded and just like that shock waves covered the planet killing everything on it.

Then all of a sudden it all went back to normal like nothing happened.


To be continued..