1 chance

after being invested Aaron wakes up in a strange place, an office if you can be more exact in this office there was a desk on which there seems to be a pack of documents, a lamp and a spherical object that unlike all this that was present in the room was a bluish color with a couple of shades of green.

Aaron:"huh....what?....where am i?"

after waking up in a place he clearly don't know, he tried to move his body.

Aaron:"WHA....THE FUCK, WHATS HAPPENING WHY CAN'T I MOOVE" while shouting Aaron noticed that his voice did not came out and ther was a deep silence in the room, since he was never in such a situation, he started to panic 'THE HELL, WHERE IS MY VOICE, WHERE AM I, OI IS THERE SOMEONE, HELP, PLESE SOMBODY I STILL HAVE DONE NOTHING IN MY LIFE, AN I AM VIRGIN PLESE HELP'

Aaron panicked for nearly two hours after which, in the office on the left side of the desk appered a door, and from whom appeared a white figure, due to the light Aaron was not abel to recognize Notthing of it, be it man or woman.

???:"have you calmed down" the figure asked in a tone that semed to relax Aaron a little.

after the words of the entity Aaron thought 'he/she dose not seme hostile, not seme to diseregard me, but who is he/she, what is this place, an what am i doing here perhaps he/she knows'

???:"about everithing you want to know, i will answer later, but now i want to make shure, are you Aaron Miller? "

Aarono surprised by the fact that the entity can read his mind and knew him began to panic slightly ' who is he/she what dose it want, was i kidnapped, and dose he take part in the supernatural world, bit why me i am a normal student'

???:"oh?....this is an interesting misunderstanding, but no, i am not a kidnapper, and you should have already understud that you are dead"

'what?' Aaron whas shoked by the revelation he nether tough to die this early, he was still a 14 year old boy who got a free tutelage in a prestigeous schol, and was still single, the revelation shook him deeply.

???:"now,now, calm down, i know it's a shock to you but, don't fall in spirit i am here for this, to help you, generally you should be sent to the cirle of reincarnation, haven or hell but you died to early, litteraly to early"

'how much early have i died?' Aaron thought

???:"nearly 90 years ahed of the stipulated time"

'WHAT!'Aaron was shocked he lived not even one tenth of his life, this was unfair he was litterally robbed of his life, he was furious, furious at whom took his life.

???:"calm down is not worth it already, instead you should care about the future, no?"

'what do you mean i am already dead, and even if i reincarnate i will lose my memories, so what is the point here?' Aaron perfectly knew he will lose his memories, but he did not know why he had a strange premonition.

???:"oh?....i actully do not intend to make you lose your memories, instead whant to help you"

Aaron 'what do you mean?'

???:"i mean i will do as the gods in those fan fiction and give you a system and a wish, you can Also chose your appereance, but sorry the world where you get to start is not in my power of decision.... sorry"

Aaron 'no i shoul be greatful at least the appearence and one wish with a system is already op, so i should be the one to thank you'

???:"OK than i will start now, what do you whant my friend"

Aaron 'hmm.... i think that form the appereance i chose Gilgamesh, oh, and to clarify, when i grow i whant to be exactly like him with all his powers, is it possible?'

???:"yes no problem, i like your approach, and for the wish?"

Aaron ' for it i would like that the gate of babylon, posses all the treasures of the tipe moon world including the noble phantasms prototype of every heroic spirit, with auto supply for the consumable goods'

???:"this is actualy two wishes but counting the fact of the power of the body you chose, is ok, but the innate noble phantasm that are not weapons you will have to buy them or as a prize and forget the noble phantasms of ex rank"

Aaron 'yes for me is better like this or i will not have notthing to aspire to, like compleating the gates, and beside, in the gates there is already the sword of rupture EA so is OK'

???:"good then let's see your system shall we"


[system-{without a name}





-wheel of fortune







???:"so what do you think pretty good no?"

Aaron 'perfect i would have never thought to end up in a situation similar to the protagonists of some novel and fan-fic, thanks i will always be grateful to you'

???:"ho no need, i to recived what i wanted thanks to you, so live an exating adventure i will always watch you" saying these words the figure waved the band and Aaron stated to dissipate in particels.

after listening to the last words of the entity, Aaron thought 'wait what do you mean by watching' but even before he could finish his words he vanished from the white room.

???:"hehehe.... you will understand when the process of reimcarnetion is finished my friend, Aaron " with this words said the figure opened another door, this time on the opposite direction from when it arrived and vanished with it alongside it's closure.

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