1 Here Are We

A quiet night with friends, talking, no not talking, just looking quietly, longingly at the stars.

Nothing happening to them, or the stars. At least not that anyone knew of.

Eventually they all fell asleep and started to dream the same dream.

Running they were. From nothiung, but it looked human. So what then? They didnt kmow. Nobody did.

Packed into a corner all pitch black. Nothing was near. A cage around it kept them in and other people out.


If one of these people died, to save there life twenty would have to sacrifice theres. If one of these people were to die, everything would go back in time for a hundred years.

This is why the stars they look so silently were the only keyholes to the real world. The world of time they belonged in.

So as night got lighter they made a wish on the last bright star.

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Virgo, the virgin woman.

They wished for someone to save them. A wish that would cost anothers life.

Would the woman listen. Yes, she did.

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