Another Murder?
novel - Horror&Thriller

Another Murder?


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What is Another Murder?

Read Another Murder? novel written by the author MisterE05 on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Horror&Thriller stories, โœ“ Newest updated โœ“ All rights reserved


Blenar. A thought to be peaceful little Mediveal town holding 200 people. But what would you say if i told you that Murder has dawned upon the Horizon? One night after the other, one new Murder was to be heard in the Morning with no sign of stopping or resting. Who would have such capabilities to go in a house, murder a soul and retreat undetected?! Chief Ambers has brought a "Qualified Detective" to solve this case. But that detective will have to go to sleep... eventually.

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..........................I do declare....................... ................................................................ ......... .. ..


This novel started as of random Chapter. Chapters and writing will become coherent after 3-4 chapters. Small chapters, so read it first. Now I m now hooked on it. Nothing about Worldbuilding, just random tits, and bits... Good Comedic undertone... No O/P protagonist.. In-fact, I m not sure that there is a protagonist.. It is fairly confusing.. But it is enjoyable to read.. I will surely give the Author time to reveal the world


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