1 Chapter 1

Somewhere in a deep dark abyss, a lone little light floating randomly in the void.

???: "Huh, where am I?"

The light observe its surroundings but only see darkness. It also observes itself and discovered that it doesn't have a body. Then, flashes of memories came to it.

There was a man, presumably between 40-50 years old, laying on top of a white bed with other people that I presume that it is his family. Everybody is in a hospital of some kind and the man looks to be in a coma. Another male, looks 27 years old, and a doctor discuss about the patient's condition and gave him the terrible news. Rage and then sadness filled his mind and told everybody about the news. Everyone cried and weeps about the patient's fate. After a serious discussion on what to do next, they decided to pull the plug and let the patient to rest.

When the man, who talked to the doctor, tried to pull the wire, he didn't notice a damage cord because of the tears covered his eyes. Next thing you know, he died from electric shock.

(Author: What a twist)

Leon: "That was a painful way to end. So I was Leon. A normal adult with a serious and sometimes chill attitude. Live a normal life and loves to watch videos, read mangas and novels. Now, that I remember who I am, the question still remains, Where am I?"

???: "You're in Limbo my child."

Leon: [Startled] "A higher being?"

???: "That was an unusual response"

Leon: "Well, I read a lot of novels that are similar to this situation. Plus, I really wanted to tell a 'God' a higher being and it sounds cool in my head.

Higher Being: "Well alright then. I presume that you already know what's next?"

Leon: "Probably, but I like to hear it."

HB (Higher Being): "Good. So, like the novels that you read, you'll get 3 wishes and the world that you want to live. And as a bonus, you'll get the option to go back to your original world with a certain condition but you have to wish the dimension traveler to get that option."

Leon: "hmmm, can I ask any question?"

HB: "Alright"

Leon: "Is there any world ending type of missions or any missions involve the destruction of the world?"

HB: "You won't get any mission from me and you can do whatever you want. The worlds and universe that you and will live are just copies from infinite amount of worlds from an infinite amount of universes. Which means, if a worlds and a universes get destroyed with or without your actions, there's not much of a difference."

Leon: "I see. Why pick me from others?"

HB: "No reason, just entertainment purposes"

Leon: [sighs] "Can't say I'm not surprise."

HB: [laughs] "You expected that you're one of a kind, am I right?"

Leon: "Well yeah but I also expected that the higher beings created mankind for many purposes and one of those purposes is entertainment."

HB: [laughs] "At least you know one of those purposes. Now, on to your wishes."

Leon: "alright. 1st, I ask the ability of Word Soul Magic with its full potential and without the Grimoire. The only limitation is that it cannot affect directly other people except for myself.

2nd, the ability to access knowledge but in a search engine type of way and once I find the answer, it will automatically 'download' it to my mind. Like in the Matrix.

And lastly, travel dimensions. I can travel anywhere in the world I live and other dimensions but when I travel different worlds, a window shows up and contains all the worlds and universes that I want to travel. I also want to set the time of those world."

HB: "It is done. What world should you go first?"

Leon: "Harry Potter world. Can you change my looks? I want to look like Vergil from DMC but his hair would be light blonde."

HB: "Simple enough"

Leon: "Thank you." [Smiles]

HB: [Smiles] [Snap his fingers]

Leon: [Disappears]

(Author: I don't feel so good Mr. Stark.)

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