Another Dimension Traveler (Dropped)
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Another Dimension Traveler (Dropped)


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What is Another Dimension Traveler (Dropped)

Read Another Dimension Traveler (Dropped) fanfiction written by the author NovelAdik on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Movies fanfic stories, covering reincarnation, harem, action, harrypotter, adventure. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved




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Really a disappointment. Writing quality 4* there are mistakes and misspelling but not that many. Stability of updates don’t know so 5*. Story development. There is none! It follows canon with additional business input. Basically it sucks! Character design mostly the same as in original, the author did not do anything special. What pisses me off is that author gave the mc wishes, made him op and then decided that the mc doesn’t want to rely on the power too much so he will not use it. So why give it to him in the first place? So dumb. The mc knowing the canon is just background in the chaptes describing original events. World background is the same. Overall you can read it but its boring as hell and will waist your time. I really do not recommend it.


To much canon. To powerfull cheat. Never meet the girls but already says he got crushes. (3 girls here) All in all mediocre reading just to waste time. To much canon. To powerfull cheat. Never meet the girls but already says he got crushes. (3 girls here) All in all mediocre reading just to waste time.


Boring...............it's no different from the original except for the self insert mc (Google translate btw) ...................................... .......................... ............... ...... .


Writing is good. Nothing much to add here. Updates are stable and common. The story is pretty random honestly. Like it makes no sense. MC is just there letting Harry do his shit and for some reason him adopting Harry basically had 0 effect on him. He still acts the same and canon repeats. Doesn't matter MC is this genius wizard with an all-cure and is the son of the richest muggle. Even then it's meh, but MC randomly goes being hero all over the world for whatever reason and even then doesn't do a good job. Like he acts like the hero who wants to save everyone. I mean he even teleports to different countries and has his clone just go out and about saving people, never mind the fact he can make however many clones and just save everyone. He just tries to be some good boy helping for self satisfaction or something, but dealing with Voldemort ir wizards... Nahhhhh man all good... Never mind the fact he can stop time... The characters are awful. MC is a hypocrite with how he acts. Saves random people but won't deal with wizards or Voldemort or even help Harry. His harem is kinda forced. The girls just kinda get crushes on him and it's "normal" to have a harem cause they just like him that much... The other characters are basically canon with some snippets of difference, but it honestly feels like author being vain than actual difference because it didn't affect the actual story much. It's as much canon with or without MC because whatever he does has basically no aftereffect on the story or world. Canon HP with SI... + harem Basically wishfullfilment HP. If you just wanna see an MC with his hidden-hero background which has no effect on the story whatsoever, getting a harem and just being there this is for you.


So much potential, but the author is making the story so much dull that it is going horrible like a exact copy of the original story of Harry Potter. The powers can be used in anything, literally anything and the only deciding factor is mc's imagination but the author has no imagination and makes the story boring.


The story is pretty great my only problem is how slow the updates are xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp xp


I really liked it at first but now I kindnof hate it because it is only HarryPotter universe and not anyother universe and all the chapter I read are filler


I lost brain cells reading this I'm actually totally speechless with all this 5 reviews I read up to 11 chapters and I have got to say if I would of continued you would have ruined fanfictions for me


the mc is powerful but stupid and everything is centered harry potter and harry is still dumb and mc has all this power but doesn't use them mc fells like some stupid cannon fodder relationships all forced and if his father is so rich and still nobody knows and he says that they didn't know about magical world but even if you are above average businessman you'll know and your the riches so you'll have some connections think before writing


Waste if time!! Saw harem tag and was iffy about even trying it but decided to give it a try. boy was i wrong!! Lame, follows cannon. harem fic usally ruins nOvel And sucks!


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good starting don't drop this , really have high expectations after reading first two chapters from this fanfic ,i know its hard to write a decent fanfic but please don't give up be like naruto and believe it you can do it 👍🏻👍🏻😁


-Even the world of harry potter was fun, although his ways of vigilante annoyed me, but since he went to the other world and go to others without reason, the story becomes strange and meaningless. -According to the protagonist, he has the right to punish xD. -In addition to being a boring world, now he lost chapters on "randon" things, if he wanted to release strains, there are monsters for something, weird protagonist and if a form of justice makes me want to vomit, now that more nonsense will be seen in the next chapters. -I will continue to be a nanny of every world, will continue to be a weird vigilante, will continue to do things that are useless, I don't know what else there will be xD.


Keep it up man and please don't drop. Keep it up man and please don't drop. Keep it up man and please don't drop. Keep it up man and please don't drop.




Please more chapters Its good and can be better .. .. .. .. .... .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ... .. ... .. . .. .. .. .. .. .


Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem? Is this a huge harem?


when will he go to another world 5 8 7


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