1 Prologue

Once upon a time in a faraway land there was a tiny kingdom that was peaceful throughout tradition. There lived a widowed father with a beloved young daughter that went by the name of Y/n.

"Father! How was your trip!" A young h/c haired girl yells as she jumps on a middle-aged man. "How many times do I have to tell you about jumping on to me?" He laughs before continuing "I'm not as young as I used to be."

He sets the girl down on her toes which makes her pout. "You're not old! My dad's the strongest and youngest guy I know!" The girl shouts showing off her guns, which earns another laugh from him.

The father's face soon turns into nervousness as he looks at his daughter. "Shall we go inside? I have a surprise you may or may not like."

She looks at him curious but grabs his hand and followed "I hope it's a puppy!" She jumps which makes him sigh. "Not even close, kid."

"Now I know we've never really talked about this but you're a growing young woman and I believe that you need a mother's touch in your life and maybe even siblings so..."

He quickly messes up her hair and opens the door. "Y/n! I want you to meet Miss Sylvette Allard."

Silence fills the air as the child looks the women up and down. The mysterious woman had beautiful black hair that went down to her waist that complemented her purple dress. She looked at the girl with kind eyes which made her a bit nervous.

The man quickly sighs when he notices his daughter silences. "I know this is quite sudden but I was wanting you to be okay with me-"

The father doesn't finish as his beloved daughter and cuts him off "I'm okay with it."

She looks up at her dad and smiles. " I want you to be happy and if she makes you happy then I'm okay with it." Her dad smiles at her and ruffles up her hair.

"You're a great kid."

The woman smiles brightly at her and grabs her small s/c hands. "I know I'm nothing compared to your mother, but I do hope that we can get along. I have a young boy and a girl around your age and I do believe you would get along great with them as beautiful as you are. "

She nods her head slowly at the women "I hope as well! It would be great to have siblings to play around here!"

She gives the child a loving hug before standing up "How about we eat!" She beams before walking towards the kitchen. Her father looks at the girl as she gives him a nod. "We're coming!" The girl shouts running towards her new stepmother.

And in this tiny kingdom there was once a happy family.

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