1 My Life

My name is Theodore and I have this problem. I am addicted to gambling, along with substance abuse ; I'm an alcoholic as well.

This all started when my construction business closed down for good, I fell behind on bills. My ex- wife's name is Regina, we were married for 8 years and we had 3 beautiful children.

Regina and I split because I wasn't always there, I would always sneak away to the casino and gamble ; I would come home drunk and I because I would take some substances with a cocktail,I wasn't making any since and I would always smell like another woman's perfume.

The more I gambled, the deeper my situation got because of all of the gambling, drinking and substances I took, my wife got fed up and wanted out of the marriage.

One day in the month of July during the hot and mild summer, my wife finally ended things. She packed up all her stuff, the kids stuff and took off. She never came back, she thought that I wasn't fit to take care of her and the kids.

After Regina and the kids left , my situation got worse but this time I wanted to end things for good, I tried so many different ways to ends things causing my family to get concerned and omit me into a hospital where I was drugged constantly, to keep me from harming myself or harming others.

After being stuck in the hospital for what seemed like an eternity I was finally released and able to go home to my lonely hole of a house with no one, which makes me wish I would have stopped.