4 June 7, 2020

Yesterday wasn't quite that boring anymore. My siblings and I play Uno. Today we might play Uno again. Also today I brought more books. They are Mary is Missing, Jessica and the Money Mix-Up, and The Spanish Kidnapping Disaster.

I got in trouble because my annoying sister tried to make it seem like I am a bad person for "not helping her" on her math homework she had to do over the summer. It backfired but I still got in trouble for "not" letting my annoying sister use the computer. If my sister read this she would probably get mad and tell my mom so I could get in trouble for talking about her and for "lying". My sister is being annoying right now.

My brother had gone home with my dad again to do some work or something. Have you ever glare at someone with one eyes? Yeah, I have because one of my eyes wasn't functioning and I was still mad at my sister. We play Uno tower and gave up because my sister stole most of my cards. Now I am bored. My sister is fighting with my brother. When will she realized that she is sometime wrong?

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