10 June 17, 2020

It have been a long time since I have written because there haven't been interesting news. What I realized is that both of the graduation party that I got invited to is on the same day. It is also on my dad birthday. That is crazy. The reason I am writing now is because I am bored. My mom said I should go on the computer for half of the day. So I brought 2 book to work. Soon I finished it all and now I am bored again. Uno is boring these day and HeroWar is the only thing that doesn't make me bored.

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Right I am eating nacho cheese and I am still bored.. Right before I cried in the bathroom. We got yelled at by my mom. Apparently she know more English than I thought she knew and heard how jealous I was about Coco compare to me. In the bathroom I thought about the book I read this morning. It was about running away. A girl and her brother ran away. The girl had reasons why she wanted to run away. I have thought about running away when I was little and when things were bad. At that time, it seemed like a great idea to escape the bad times. Now I'm not brave enough to leave. I've learned about things that would happened when you are alone. I was also wouldn't bare leaving my parent for I know what they have done for us.

Sometimes I wondered if I leave would they miss me? I also heard that rapist, murderer, robbers, kidnappers in the world. Running away in books sounded me easier than real life.

I also wonder what would happen if my sister become perfection that my parent wanted. She is smart, tall, skinny, helpful, beautiful, and many more. I'm just an ugly and older version of my sister.

Things is I shouldn't complain knowing that they gave me more freedom too. They got me a watch, new clothes, and many things. The thing is I get jealous of how my mom treat Coco. It just annoy me. When will I finally shine?

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